Tips for designing a low maintenance garden

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Tips for designing a low maintenance garden

Enjoying an outdoor space all year round with minimum effort with best electric snow shovel and maintenance costs requires good planning, an adapted and interesting garden design and a few basic ideas:

  • Reduce the use of the grass to the maximum
  • Accept that a minimum of maintenance is essential, and take it into account before buying or designing your garden. You can always count on the help of a professional.
  • Design your garden, attic or terrace to be able to use it all year round.
  • Make the planting design according to the Mediterranean tradition and the most adaptable plants from other cultures.
  • Choose practical and low-maintenance furniture. Classic or modern of very good quality
  • Light up your garden with LEDs and regulate the use with a timer or light sensor.

More tips for low maintenance garden design

  1. Our first tip for designing your low-maintenance garden is this:
    Reduce the use of grass as much as possible. If you want to minimize the work in the garden, or concentrate on the more pleasant things, like growing your flowers or shaping your hedges, grass is not the first choice. The use of grass in the garden is a fashion imported from Northern Europe, from climates where watering is practically not necessary and the grass suffers less attacks of pests and stress due to the harsh climate conditions of the Peninsula.
    The Mediterranean tradition is one of the richest in the world, but we can also be inspired by new trends in gardening more minimalist, xerogardening or Japanese tradition.
  2. The second is to accept that the garden without maintenance does not exist, as there are no houses, cars or boilers without maintenance. The important thing is to reduce as much as possible the expense of water and working hours through a good design of planting, automatic irrigation and study of the uses of the garden. If we do not have enough time, it is advisable to have the help of a professional to carry out the basic maintenance of the garden: cleaning, checking the watering, maintenance of the lawn. This will prevent the situation from getting out of hand and we will have time and desire to take little by little the taste for the work in the garden. It is important that the garden does not become a problem, but the space for rest, socialization and enjoyment for which we planned.
  3. A third tip, it is important to design the garden to use it as much as possible. In our climate, almost every day of the year can offer us some moment of enjoyment. This way, we will not leave the garden, attic or terrace for too long and problems will be solved as they arise. The use itself will make the garden constantly improve, instead of losing its attractiveness and usefulness.

Low maintenance garden furniture and decoration

  • As for the design of the plantation, our goal has to be to make the garden a living space, fresh in summer and sunny in winter. The traditional Mediterranean landscape contemplates a plantation scheme of minimum maintenance, but of maximum benefits for our climate: a high level of plant, to shade; bushes of medium size and boxwood hedges to make the borders and finally flowers and coverings for the lower level.
  • The number of hours of maintenance work on a grove or boxwood hedge compared to that of a large lawn is much lower and, moreover, is very localized in time, concentrating on the moments of pruning, fertilizing and cleaning at the change of season.
    When selecting the plantation, we can let our landscaper or a trusted nursery guide us to choose resistant and grateful varieties, such as Nandinas, Photinias, Carex, Phormium, herbaceous, all kinds of aromatic, such as the sage that lives a moment of success, roses, climbing plants, etc.

Professionals in the design of low maintenance gardens

  • As for the choice of furniture, if the space we have to decorate is outdoors, it is important to take into account several considerations: the first is that most outdoor furniture on the market is designed to be used on porches, not fully exposed to the sun and weather. Only the best brands manufacture furniture capable of resisting these conditions and their cost is skyrocketing.
  • An economical and effective solution is to return to tradition: iron, wood, stone, textile hammocks… Decorating exteriors requires taking into account the durability and evolution of materials.
  • We can acquire furniture whose structure resists the weather, but that require mattresses to be used; the result is that, in those wonderful days of sun of out of season we will have to go running to the storage room to get the textiles or… to wait for the summer.
  • Finally, the garden lighting has turned around with the arrival of LED and new models of lamps made of resistant materials, allowing you to enjoy a complete lighting of the garden with a very low consumption. Look in your lights the degree of protection approved for outdoor. You can install a timer and a light sensor to turn on and off the lighting more “theatrical” of the garden and that receives you always on the arrival home.

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