The nine ingredients to take a pizza to a higher rung

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The nine ingredients to take a pizza to a higher rung

Getting out of the jack, knight, and king is not easy but mixes or innovation never hurts. Look 10 best outdoor pizza ovens. In this case, we asked our interviewees what curious ingredients they like to add to their pizzas or how we can take our homemade pizzas to a higher step.

From using the oven for other purposes to taking advantage of seasonal green leaves, going through more original sausages, some greasy touches, or taking advantage of the freshness of some products, their kitchens are, and surely yours, full.


Taking advantage of the fact that we are in season, we bet on a pizza that they work at Fratelli Figurato with pumpkin and pancetta. “We roast the pumpkin meat in the oven with aromatic herbs and then crush it to put it on the pizza, which we then top with crispy pan-fried guanciale, walnuts and ground black pepper,” he explains.

Ciro Cristiano also bets on the pumpkin. “We make a cooked pumpkin cream, with little water, so that it is not a soup, and we put it on the tomato and on the smoked provola, which we use instead of mozzarella”, he continues. “It goes to the oven, to dry a little, and out of it we put fried leek and fresh tarragon”, he concludes and leaves us another clue: “cooked zucchini cream, very green, with a shrimp tartare that is added out of the oven and it is put in cold and pieces of stracciatella “, apostille.

Roasted sweet potato

Using tubers and their sweet spot works well on pizzas. This is the case of what Jorge Sastre, a duo chef with Rafa Panatieri in Sartoria Panatieri (Barcelona) tells us, that they have a couple of pizzas where they mix roasted sweet potato and pumpkin purée.

“We roast the sweet potato in the wood oven and mix it on the pizza with the pumpkin purée. Then we add goat ricotta from Elvira García, which has an acid touch that goes well with the mixture and that we top with pancetta”, he comments.

A basil-based dressing

“In autumn we make a pizza with mushrooms, the reggina, which is in great demand,” explains Ciro Cristiano, executive chef at Bel Mondo. “In the Reggina pizza, we cook, sauté some seasonal chanterelles, with a strong fire, and put them in the oven on the mozzarella dough. The oven is good for this mushroom because it dries it up and makes it lose water. In the oven we add a raw mushroom carpaccio, cut with a mandolin, “he outlines.

“We end up with different oil, which in this case is basil oil. We boil water with a handful of salt and blanch some basil leaves for 30 seconds and then cut the cooking with water and ice. Afterward, we add the drained leaves to good oil and crush it in a mixer, strain, and have oil with all the flavor of basil “, he rounded.

Original sausages

Getting out of cooked ham or Iberian ham is easier than it seems. Our interviewees invite us to delve into the world of jerky and bresaola, but also chorizo ​​from León, lacón, or nduja.

“We substitute the classic prosciutto cotto for lacón in the Capricciosa Difference, which we also cut fine in slicers, and which goes well with mushrooms and black olives, as well as artichokes, which we cook on the grill on a refractory stone in the oven”, specify.

“I really like the Valtellina bresaola, which is a very delicate cold meat, and has a bit of smoking and curing but it is difficult to find a quality one in Spain”, explains Angelo Marino. Simpler is another pizza that he proposes with the porchetta as the protagonist.

“We cook it hard in the pan, leaving it crisp, and then we add it to a pizza where there are some candied tomatoes. At the end we can put some thin slices of Iberian bacon or lardo de Colonnata when we take out the pizza,” he says.

“Our cecina pineapple is the one that surprises the most”, says Fabio Gasparini. “We put it with artichoke, which has a touch of bitterness, parmesan, and arugula. First, we cook the pizza with the tomato in the oven and outside of it we add all the other ingredients, so that they maintain their texture,” he clarifies.

The marriage of pistachio and mortadella

It is difficult to find a pizzeria or trattoria that does not work the unbeatable marriage of pistachio and mortadella , practically as well-matched as that of Carlo Ponti and Sofia Loren.

Our four protagonists work it but in this case, we tell you the recipe that Angelo Marino serves, adding a pesto. “At the base, after melting the mozzarella, we put a pistachio cream and out of the oven some slices of mortadella, and we break a burrata in the center. Then, we mash pistachio on top”, he explains.

Sausage and an Italian turnip

Popular in southern Italy is a pizza called salsiccia and friarelli, which we could emulate in our homes. “In Italy, it is made with a fresh sausage that has fennel from which we remove the skin and break it with our hands on the pizza. Then we add friarelli, which is somewhat more bitter than turnip greens and is also an autumn and winter vegetable”, says Vittorio Figurato.

Fried eggplant

“We make a pizza where we take advantage of an Italian semi-cured cheese that is the ricotta cacio to accompany eggplant”, adds Vittorio. “First we peel the eggplant and slice it lengthwise, letting it drain and then fry it, also draining it,” he continues.

“The base of the pizza is a smoked provola, instead of mozzarella, and then we put the eggplant and the cacio on it, breaking some basil leaves with our hands so that it releases its aroma on the pizza”, concludes Vittorio.

Garlic chips

A particular marinara is the one that Jorge Sastre, from Sartoria Panettieri refers us to. “We laminate very fine garlic and fry it, lightly, so that it takes a little color but just enough, and we add it to a tomato-based pizza to which we then put out the anchovies and a kalamata olive paste”, he adds. As a final point, a touch of escarole that balances with the bitterness and also with the crunchiness of the bite.

Roasted potato

For some, it may seem a sacrilege but the peculiar almost carbonara of Sartoria Panettieri gives a lot of play and balances smoothness, salinity, and a lot of flavor in the same pizza. “We laminate the thin potato, baked with oil and rosemary, and then we put it on the pizza, leaving it a little crisper. When the pizza has ten seconds left, we take out and add a raw egg. We remove and out of the oven we grate a little of bottarga to add the salty touch “.

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