For some time now, the concept of a wardrobe made up of a selection of garments that can be easily combined in many different ways depopulated on the web. If you compose it well, you will never have to worry about what to wear, because everything you pull out of your closet will combine perfectly together. This method is called “capsule wardrobe” (Capsule Wardrobe) or “minimalist wardrobe” and concerns the composition of personal clothing in a practical and functional way.

Certainly it is a somewhat extreme method, some consider it not very creative and for this reason, it is not suitable for everyone. It is necessary, however, to think that not all of us have the same qualities in combining colors and shapes and this method can help us better understand how we can do it. The minimalist wardrobe is, in fact, especially useful for those who struggle to find the right combinations in everyday life, in order not to waste time and unnecessary resources. It also encourages greater awareness, in fact, it is closely linked to the concept of sustainability, focusing on quality and not quantity, the philosophy of the less, but better.

Is it possible to apply the same principle to your furniture?

We think so and we find this method very similar to the Scandinavian style, which not by chance has been increasingly successful in recent years. The secret of Nordic style can be summarized in a few basic elements: furnishings with simple “timeless” lines, preference for light colors and natural tones, details, and materials with a warm appearance. All of this contributes to creating the Hygge Danish atmosphere, a home with an essential look, functional design, but absolutely welcoming, minimalism that conveys serenity and harmony in every corner of the house.

The “capsule” method does not serve those who already have their own defined style and are able to mix colors, textures, and materials to perfection. Following these rules, instead, would help you if you have difficulty combining colors and styles, if you are thinking of furnishing your new home and you have any doubts if you happen to buy something new, but once at home it seems unsuitable and that it does not combine with anything.

With this method, it is easier to add new items or make changes whenever you want. All you need is a well-selected collection of furnishings and home accessories. So let’s see how to make “a capsule for home furnishings”.

If you are seriously considering the possibility of undertaking this “journey” we advise you to note your considerations. This will also serve you in the future, it will make you understand your style better and when you buy something new you will do it with greater awareness.

1. Evaluate the entire decor of your home

Let’s start with decluttering: before creating a capsule decor, you need to do some cleaning. This obviously applies if you already have a furnished home, but if you still have to furnish your home, go to the next step.

If you want to accept the challenge to set up big (or small) changes in the furnishing of your home, you must prepare yourself to evaluate everything you have with a critical eye. Review each room (from the most voluminous to the complements, up to the decor objects) and note it in one of the three lists of furniture / objects: 1 – that you love to madness, 2- that do not convince you very much , but for various reasons you still don’t feel like giving away, 3- that you absolutely don’t like them anymore and that you can safely eliminate them.

Write down on a sheet the pieces that are no longer good for you because: they are very damaged, the imagination or the color do not convince you, they are out of fashion, they are closed in a closet /garage/attic for years without seeing the light of the sun, they are fruit of wrong and completely compulsive purchases. No matter how much you paid for them, who gave them to you, the principle is: do you like it the way it is? Is it functional and do you use it? No, then try to get rid of it. It doesn’t mean you have to throw everything away. We talked about sustainability, remember? What to do with discarded and not completely ruined pieces:

  • Reuse option: these pieces that you have discarded can give them as gifts, sell them, donate them to charity, take them to the Reuse Centers in your area. So someone else will be able to make good use of it or give it a new life.
  • makeover option: if you like to do DIY you can take advantage of the opportunity to rearrange some pieces making them consistent with the rest of the furniture (according to the other rules that we will see later). In fact, if the shape is simple and you like it, just change the color with a little paint or in the case of upholstered furniture, just cover them with a new fabric.

Finally, try to understand which pieces you really love and why you still like them so much, even though many years have passed since you brought them into your home.

Put a nice playlist that you load and armed with boxes to store everything that will go away. Don’t worry if at some point you feel you can’t do it: keep in mind the final goal. If you arrive at the end of this first step, you will have eliminated a lot of objects that you didn’t use or didn’t love, because they didn’t say anything about you and they didn’t represent you.

2. Choose the basic pieces

A well-made capsule closet is built mainly around some basic pieces: a collection of essential clothing items, which are not influenced by fashion. Such as a great pair of jeans, a good white t-shirt, a blazer. Even for the furnishing of your home, there are basic pieces that you should choose to have. They are the essential elements to start decorating.

For the composition of your “capsule furnishings”, we recommend you choose at least five or six elements that have the characteristic of being timeless classics, which can then be combined with any style and overcome fashion and trends.

Maybe you already have these pieces at home, like that simple-cut dresser, the grandmother’s sideboard, Mama’s country table, the no-frills leather armchair, that essential design table.

Of course, the ideal would be to have not only evergreen furniture but also pieces that have made the history of interior design. However, even with a limited investment, capsule furnishings can be created.

An example? The armchairs or chairs considered design icons, such as those designed by Charles Eames or Wegner (photo below). To have them, it is not necessary to spend a fortune, because now, once the patents have expired, there are many replicas on the market. As further proof of their great success, which still sees them as protagonists of contemporary furniture after several decades.

Other elements of the furniture to be included in the basic pieces can be lamps, tables, mirrors, etc. All functional objects to choose from in simple and linear shapes, maybe even design icons. A good investment in furniture can start here.

If you notice, even Scandinavian furniture is made up of essential furniture, some of the past, that manage to stay well together, overcoming the concept of time. Materials and shapes work with many different moods. It is basically a timeless style, characterized by functional and comfortable environments, where the design complements alternate with vintage furniture.

It seems difficult, but it is like entering the mind of a collector. When creating a capsule wardrobe, create a collection of clothing that can always match well. You can do the same thing with your furniture.

Try doing this exercise: if you were to display all the furnishings in your home in the same room, would they be comfortable together? Would everything look coordinated? Would it be possible to mix the elements effortlessly? The answers to these questions lead you to achieve the goal.

3. Choose a color palette

A key point of the “capsule wardrobe” method is to choose a basic color palette. This applies all the more to the furnishing of your home and once again we find a point in common with Scandinavian design.

If you want the style of your home to last, the palette should be as essential as possible: the more you reduce the colors, the easier it will be to match them. The “capsule” combination of clothing includes a maximum of 6 colors, drawing mostly in neutral tones (white, brown, beige, gray, black) and adding just a few more intense touches of the color of your choice.

In general, even in furnishings, it will be easier to obtain an optimal result by choosing at least two neutral basic colors, which go well with everything, especially for the fundamental elements.

You don’t have to be too rigid, but if you really prefer to follow the rules, the “ideal” palette for a “capsule” decor should have 3 neutral colors and 1 or 2 bright or bright shades that look good together. For example, looking at the picture below: white, gray, beige (wood) as neutral colors and sage green or mint green.

If you maintain a constant and essential palette of colors, valid for the whole house, you can easily move the pieces from one room to another without worrying about the combination. Similarly, when you want to make some changes to freshen up your furniture, you can add a new piece by following these criteria, knowing that everything will match perfectly.

4. Add complements, textiles and decor elements

Once you’ve established the essential furniture with the basic pieces and the color palette, it’s time to bring your personality into play. Find elements among the favorite textures and patterns, among the trendy colors of the season (see the Pantone reports ), among the objects that inspire you the most, that can be easily combined with the basics of your essential furniture.

Choose carefully the paintings and prints, the vases and the candles, the pillows and throws, the curtains and the carpets, the plants and the decorations.

Here too we find the similarity with the Scandinavian Nordic style, where much attention is paid to details that give character and a feeling of comfort. Just like the capsule wardrobe, even the Scandinavian style manages to last over time without ever getting tired, because it is made up of essential elements and because it is sewn on with personal details, which make you feel at ease.

At this point, if you find that you are missing something, plan a targeted shopping, choosing the pieces that best fit your style. And you will see that when you want to make some changes, you can just fish among the objects in your home, simply by moving them from one room to another, because they can all be coordinated with each other.

Sober, elegant and sophisticated, yet warm and welcoming, this will be your mood.

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