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A child’s room is the protagonist of today’s post. We decided to start the year looking to the future and then dedicating it to children and to the spaces in the home designed for them.

This “den” for the boy, located in the United States, actually winks at contemporary design, which prefers light furniture, light colors, and shapes that recall the Scandinavian style. In the Nordic countries, the design is an essential feature that never fails, even in the rooms of the little ones. The attention of children is educated from the first moments of life towards what is beautiful, cheerful and functional.

Here we find a fun and relaxing atmosphere for a child who loves animals. In fact, this is the theme that most characterizes his room.

The large size helps and so does the fact of having the wardrobe in another dedicated room or a walk-in closet, as in this case. The room starts from a neutral base, enlivened through the use of fabrics and accessories: pillows, rugs, curtains, plaids, etc. These are the elements that can change your child’s bedroom and can follow his growth and changes in style and taste. Over the years he will be able to express his personality, becoming a safe and personal refuge. A few details are enough to make everything welcoming.

The blue “gray” is the main color of the palette of this room, which is elegant and also incredibly adaptable. Experts suggest that blue is indeed one of the best colors to use in bedrooms.

The games and puppets, original and well selected, are the masters here and the whole has a fun and innovative taste, never boring!

To copy:

  • the blue aviation mosquito net with LED lights.
  • Funny cushions in the shape of a little house or bear, to be sewn on their own

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