In the US for many years, a specific profession has spread to assist real estate agencies, to help sell any property faster and at the best price. We are talking about Home Staging or the preparation and professional presentation of a property for sale.

In 2013 on this blog, we had already written an article about this real estate marketing strategy: Selling a house (a little less) desperately. Five years have passed and since then here in Italy so many steps forward have not been made in this direction. Just take a look at the real estate ads to realize that you are still far behind in this field. Yet in five years the web and social media have very quickly revolutionized the way of communicating. Therefore we are convinced that the future for sales will lead to the greater importance of photos and the image of the house and if you are a real estate agent it is better that you realize it as soon as possible, in order to offer these services to your customers first, before someone else does.

All resistance must be overcome. Despite the lively demand, supported by new mortgages, sales prices continue to fall. A negative trend that has a decisive impact especially on properties with poor quality characteristics requested by the market.

Home Staging creates that added value that will make your home stand out among all the others.

What leads us to choose a certain apartment and not another?

To sell quickly, you need to attract as many potential buyers as possible and you have to do it at the first impression or on the presentation sheet of the house, whether it is published on online portals or on real estate agencies’ printed material.

The professional preparation of a property for sale is not an expensive and time-consuming process, especially if your home is already in good condition. It is always worth it because it is the only way at this time to not have to wait months before someone is interested in buying the property, without having to greatly reduce the price. It is, therefore, a matter of investing (spending even very little), to earn much more.

In our study, we have been asked several times to operate with a reduced budget ( “little expense and big yield”) and we have always accepted the challenge. The requests were born above all to make more “pleasant” apartments for rent or small accommodations like b & b, which are then photographed by a professional photographer to be put on the market. The same process can also be used for a home for sale.

The importance of photography

The presence of quality photos is already a great way to increase interest in your home for sale or rent and make it stand out on today’s increasingly competitive market, as the photographer Tommaso Stuart, an expert in photography, confirms. real estate interiors. Your advice for those who have to sell a house today? It is to invest in professional photos, without neglecting the arrangement and the order of the environments and recalls “you will not have a second chance to make a good first impression”.

We talk a lot about Scandinavian style, well in Sweden they have already understood for years the importance of preparing a building. In fact, many of the Swedish apartments that we have published in this blog, with their fascinating atmospheres, beautiful and bright photos, their attention to detail, do not have important interior design and furniture magazines as their source. Those beautiful houses are nothing more than houses for sale, published by local real estate agencies. It surprises you, doesn’t it? They are houses prepared by good home stagers or interior designs and photographed by professional photographers.

Order and Decluttering

Untidiness is the most underestimated of all the factors that influence the selling price, yet it is the most important. Our mind needs an orderly environment that transmits security. Our subconscious processes the memories related to those objects or furniture present in our house and is not able to see them more as “bulky”. However, the buyer does not have enough imagination to see that space organized and cleaned of all those things that do not belong to him. He will only see an apartment crammed with furniture and objects and will think that all his things can never enter there.

Therefore it eliminates not only the daily disorder but also the superfluous furniture, halves books, and knick-knacks so that the house seems wider and more orderly. “The organization starts with elimination,” says Marie Kondo.

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