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What is the Pantone Color Institute?

It is a consulting service within the Pantone Inc. company, creator of the most widely used and recognized color definition system in the world, known as the Pantone system.

The Pantone Color Institute is committed to forecasting global color trends and advising companies on the use of color in their brands and products using theories of color psychology and the emotion that this element generates in the public. The company is recognized as a world leader in terms of color information. He also created the yellow Minion and the turquoise of Tiffany, as in addition to advising companies on color, he also creates shades of customized colors for commercial use.

The colors of the year chosen by Pantone influence the general trends of design, fashion, beauty, and graphics all over the world.

How does Pantone choose the color of the year?

Seeing the selection of colors that the Pantone Color Institute makes each year, you would say that the choice is totally random and arbitrary. However, more than 40 color experts participate in the color decision of the year, taking into consideration factors such as the global economic situation, social conflicts, most viewed films of the year, fashion trends and even the type of music that is more listened to. Hence the choice of a color palette that contains all these elements.

Why is Ultra Violet the color of the year 2018?

The Ultra Violet is a complex color, an intense shade of purple, which mixes two diametrically opposed colors such as red and blue, creating a powerful and very incisive combination.

It symbolizes mindfulness, the mysteries of the cosmos and non-conformism.

According to Pantone, since individuals all over the world are increasingly fascinated by color and realize its ability to convey messages and deep meanings, designers and brands should use color to inspire and influence society itself. So this year’s purple color is much more than a trend, but it indicates a way to go, what is needed in our world today.

Often worn, despite the superstition in the entertainment world, by pop stars such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and by the composer Wagner, the Ultra Violet is defined by the Pantone company as “an intense shade of violet provocative and reflective able to communicate originality, naivety and a visionary thought that shows us the future “.

The color, in reality, has not been very well received by the workers in the interior design sector. The new Ultra Violet shade, a true purple with a prevalence of blue, is certainly not the first that comes to mind when thinking of adding color to an interior and is not even the second or third.

Surely it is a complex shade, but we at Case and Interni think that the Ultra Violet is a color-rich in potential, too little explored. It is not true that violet is so difficult to match, everything is in knowing the color scale well. In this regard, we advise you to read this our post where we give some indication on the combinations with the other colors.

According to the company, the Ultra Violet is a color that can take you in many directions in furnishing, but however it is used, it never leaves you indifferent, whether it is tradition, elegance or modernity. The Pantone team has noticed that it is used a lot in hospitality facilities, in hospitality, because it is a meditative color and helps keep in touch.

Let us, therefore, prepare for an immersion in the purple color, which will color our 2018 summer, encouraging society to be more spiritual and creative, in the frenzy of modern-day life. And this is a message that we like very much.

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