The development of handicrafts became the reason for the complication of the structure of society. Clay easily turned into a jug, and stone into a knife. Caves with minerals of magical beauty were once discovered. Iron ore, gold nuggets have been found. Could handicraft develop only because of this? Of course not. Read a new mini drill press review.

Talent and skill have always been appreciated. The efforts that the master made, creating anything, paid off, brought him income, and his family. Trade went briskly, the economy grew stronger, and the state treasury was replenished.

They came to some craftsmen for three or nine lands, because only they could make a special thing. In the 21st century, he helps to create masterpieces, and, of course, make minor repairs in the apartment, fix breakdowns, an electric mini-drill or an engraver.

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Main functions

In some cases, you can’t do without a power tool such as a mini drill. Its main functions:

  • drilling holes;
  • surface milling;
  • grinding;
  • polishing;
  • engraving;
  • sharpening.


Every person in the house should have an electric drill. The mini electric drill will not take up much space. It’s good when it is at hand. We need it quite often.

Different attachments are used to do different jobs. One glance at the photo of a mini-drill is enough to understand that this is a tool with which you can tighten a screw in a hard-to-reach place, moreover, do it so that it will not be visible even close.

Often, during the interior decoration of a room, you have to spend more time on the design of joints, corners, fixing all kinds of hinges and strips, beautiful decorative details with many small elements. They are needed under the ceiling, in grooves, near the floor.

What to do in this case? A regular electric drill will not work. It will damage them, the relief will be spoiled. Mini drill, engraver will help you drill a small, neat hole.

The main thing is that the diameter fits. The thinnest screw can be tightened. The door hinges of the old wardrobe can be repaired, new ones can be screwed on.

Even with a mini drill, you can process a surface with a small area. An interesting task is to make buttons with your own hands, for example. Once upon a time people, faced with automation, standardization, mass production for the first time, only dreamed about this.

You can use it to restore a coffee table and do it quickly and accurately. A variety of ideas are easy to put into practice.

This thing is necessary, useful, in a word, it allows you to save time, effort, and not waste them on solving super-tasks. How did primitive people manage to drill thin and neat holes in the stone? No one knows. It is better to buy a mini drill with attachments, just do it, entrust the search for an answer to such a difficult question to archaeologists and historians.

The characteristics of a mini-drill depend on the manufacturer, model. The configuration is constantly being improved and complicated. How to choose a mini drill with optimal parameters?

Main characteristics

It is important to pay attention to the speed of revolutions when buying a mini electric drill, an engraver. The best mini drills are those with higher RPM. After all, only in this case will the drilled hole be perfect. What about the attachment for grinding, polishing?

It’s no secret that this is a delicate process – surface grinding, polishing. In this case, high RPM is not always necessary. If the mini drill has several modes of operation, there is a speed switch, this is great.

It is good if the mini drill works both from the mains and from the battery. Sometimes there is no outlet nearby. It so happens that the lights are turned off. If the mini drill has a battery, the lack of electricity will not prevent you from completing the job you started.

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