In today’s homes, it is increasingly common to have small rooms and for a room intended for children or adolescents, the problem arises of how to insert all the necessary elements without making the space too heavy and too much.

When children reach a certain age, everything seems to need a change. They no longer hear children, but they are not adults yet, but what is clear is that their bedroom needs a makeover.

For teenagers, the bedroom is one of the most personal and important places. It is the room in which to take refuge, study, and dream. At that age, it becomes “your space” and is one of the places where you feel most at ease. If you plan to furnish “his” room, you will have to adapt to what he wants and his needs.

The study corner is very important, so the position of the desk requires careful analysis. The worktop should never be placed with the window behind you: the right lighting is not guaranteed for writing or studying, not to mention the fact that annoying reflections are formed on the computer screen.

If the shape of the bedroom allows it, place the desk right under the window, so your daughter will be able to study with natural light, which is less tiring to look at and at the same time can be of great inspiration.

In today’s example, the work surface extends from wall to wall under the window, in the shorter side of the room.

A part of the top becomes a comfortable backrest or a container to use both as a headboard and as a bedside table. A side door allows you to take full advantage of this space, even as a container. On the other hand, a chest of drawers helps to keep the study material in order.

The furniture, custom made by a carpenter, also includes a bed with three drawers on wheels, for storing items, blankets or clothes from another season.

In addition to functionality, it is important for a girl to create a room with details full of magic and for this purpose, you should not neglect the bed : a quilt full of soft pillows will perhaps be one of the most important pieces, when it comes to providing, not just touches of femininity, but also the comfort and beauty that a girl’s room requires.

Good artificial lighting near the bed will encourage the girl to read even at night. In this bedroom, to leave the top free, it was decided to insert a decorative suspension lamp. Its connection with a visible vintage thread (which can also be colored) does not require undercurrents and creates an original and scenic effect.

Which colors to choose when it comes to furnishing a small bedroom for a teenager? The advice is to focus on light and neutral colors or pastel colors, perfect to evoke a feeling of lightness and amplify the perception of space.

There are many ways to bring a touch of femininity to a bedroom. We normally think that the most feminine rooms are those that include pink in furnishing, but in recent years this color has been far surpassed by purple in all its shades.

In fact, purple is another of those colors that exude femininity, but at the same time, it is an ideal color to combine with other tones such as blue or green. Without a doubt, with these shades, we could create the most feminine and harmonious space possible. I remind you that this year Pantone has chosen dark purple as the color of the year, so it is still very trendy.

In this bedroom for girls the purple and the bright lilac blend with the pearl gray tone of the walls and furniture, but both are enhanced and revived thanks to some fuchsia, acid green and turquoise accents. We can, therefore, use the purple color in the fabrics or in some complement and at the same time insert other colors, to create the ideal “nest” for a girl.

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