How to decorate a small bathroom: 10 useful tricks

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How to decorate a small bathroom: 10 useful tricks

We suggest practical ideas on how to properly organize the space in a small bathroom and choose a design for it so that it looks larger, but contains everything you need.Choose all for bathroom here

1 Light colors

The first and main advice for all small rooms is to use in the design to the maximum a light color gamut, which visually expands the space . You can use white, beige, pastel shades. They are perfect for the bathroom.

2 Niches

Niches can be a real boon for a bathroom if you equip storage in them. This will give you a worthy alternative to shelves and shelving.

3 Mirrors and gloss

Mirrored and glossy surfaces also visually increase the space. It is better not to be limited to one large mirror, but to use more surfaces for this technique. For example, choose glossy wall tiles.

4 Shower cabin

If the room is tiny, a full bath may not fit in it, or it may take up almost the entire usable area. An alternative option is a shower room. It can be installed in a large niche or in a corner. 

5 Vertical storage

When storage space is very small, you need to use the surface as much as possible. Vertical storage, even under a ceiling , is a great solution.

6 Storage baskets

Closed cabinets in a small bathroom will look too bulky, so it is better to use open storage systems. To keep the different colored bottles and accessories from creating visual noise, use special organizers and storage baskets. The latter are in trend.

7 Shine

A room filled with light always looks bigger, so use more than one light source, but many spots or suspensions.

8 Finishing zoning

It is impossible to build partitions for zoning in a small room – it will be too close with them. Use other methods . In this case, a good option is to zone the space using different wall finishes, which at the same time will pull the focus from the size of the room onto itself.

9 Mini plumbing

A smart solution for small bathrooms – special mini plumbing. There are not only small sinks and toilets, but also baths, look for them in specialized lines.

10 Washing machine under the sink

If you also need to place a washing machine in a small bathroom, the best place for it is under the sink. If you organize competent vertical storage, you just don’t need a cabinet, which is usually installed under the sink.

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