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The IVAR series, one of the most practical and functional of Ikea, is 50 years old. Its structures, shelves, drawers, and containers allow you to create the shelf that best suits your needs and your space. In addition, it is made of raw wood, therefore, it is not surprising that it is also one of the pieces that best lends itself to transformations or “hackers”, whether you customize it with color or whether you create new furniture and new functions with some of its elements.

Most of the people we know, who chose to have Ivar for their home, used it as a simple shelving unit for the closet, pantry, garage or similar. And yet such “basic” furniture has so many other potentials, because it lends itself perfectly to personalization, so much so that it becomes the favorite of DIY enthusiasts.

We have collected some of the most original DIY projects we have found on the web. There are many that we would like to try!

In the photo above: Pastel-colored varnish and an irregular zig-zag pattern, immediately creating a very scenographic piece of furniture to “mask” these eight roomy hanging containers.

If the Scandinavian design is your passion, you can only transform Ivar into a black and white storage unit.

Looking for something unique and original? You can find a fashion color palette paired with modern decoupage papers. Beautiful idea of ​​the maxi-centered knobs.

Ivar is so discreet that it can even blend in with the color chosen for your wall.

If painting is not your forte, another good idea is to find a card that you like and cover the doors. Here is a “herbarium” theme customization.

The black and white graphic on raw pinewood becomes a perfect combination for a clean but effective look.

It’s as simple as that! Take three elements with doors, paint them in different colors and you’ll get a winning combination for the children’s room.

Do you have a rented house or a small budget? Copy this idea for the washbasin cabinet. To support the weight of the sink, it reinforces the top with a double shelf.

Easy to create a practical screen! Materials needed: three bookshelf uprights, some hinges, and your favorite fabric.

An Ivar shelf unit can be many things. For example, a very functional towel rail. The power of fantasy!

There are those who have even seen this Ikea modular furniture as the possibility of making it a traditional Chinese piece of furniture.

If your kids love to draw, let them express freely: paint the doors with a blackboard effect paint and voila!

Incredible to think of it, but Ivar can also become a bed frame. The drawers of the line can hold a net for the children’s bed, thus also finding space for games.

A bit of dark gray paint for the doors, stain for the shelf, burnished handles can transform a pair of Ivar storage units into a very elegant and refined sideboard.

If you want to avoid a monotonous result for the children’s room, paint each wing in a different shade, keeping yourself on a two-color palette.

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