However, we often see that it is not possible to plan the choice of accessories and tools because we get tired at the end of the restructuring process or simply we are at the end of the budget. The result is an incomplete and impersonal decor.

Accessories play an important role in the completion and aesthetics of the interior design. This is where we add the finishing touches, give personality and bring out the desired textures, shapes and colors to complete the interior decoration. These are the final details. Stopping before this very important final step is how to dress without wearing shoes or jewelry.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, providing fuel for body and soul. Yet most of the efforts to furnish the kitchen are concentrated on appliances and furniture, while everything else is sadly ignored and left to chance. The creative positioning of some accessories instead, helps to identify and characterize the space.

If your kitchen seems to you bare or otherwise full of useless accessories that do not represent you, the time has come to make small simple changes, but of great visual impact. Here are 5 ideas to decorate the kitchen with accessories and utensils.

Cutting boards and trays

If you look closely at the photos of Scandinavian homes that we have presented in previous articles, you will learn a lot about how to use kitchen accessories in a decorative way. For example, you will often find chopping boards, trays, bowls and jars in plain sight. Keep the cutting boards close to the work area grouped together vertically, perhaps inside a tray with other objects such as the oil cruet. You can also hang cutting boards and other tools on the walls even with simple nails, making it a decorative motif. Be inspired by the following photos.

Jars and baskets

To store the utensils you can opt for a series of shelves that entertain the culinary objects in a fun way. In this way, it will be possible to insert various jars to house pasta, rice, flour, etc. Keeping cereals and legumes in jars allows you to keep an eye on everything, avoiding forgetting scraps at the bottom of the pantry and facilitating you when you have to fill in the shopping list because you immediately see what is missing or what is about to end.

Baskets for separate collection

A necessity of all modern homes is that waste bins or baskets for separate collection look clean and in style with the kitchen environment. You will use these containers several times a day and for this, they must be practical as well as aesthetically convincing. Fortunately, functional, space-saving solutions have appeared on the market to be able to carry out recycling at home without losing the taste for aesthetics. Like these design bins, capable of managing waste separation with elegance and joy.

Spices and aromatic plants

If you love cooking, the environment for food preparation must be ordered and organized, in order to obtain a functional area that is at the same time beautiful to see and live. Keep the spices on sight: it will be easier for you to use them. You can use glass jars to be grouped in a shelf or in the toolbar.

If you frequently use an aromatic herb, keep a small pot on the work surface, it will allow you to always have some fresh leaves to add to your dishes. Or it preserves the fresh aromas bought at the market in a vase full of water: decorative and always ready for use.


Have you ever thought of using pots as a decoration? Certainly, the things you rarely use can fit in the top shelves of your cabinets. But some pots and pans left on display will suddenly become protagonists and characteristics. If you like the idea, use a metal grill or a simple bar to equip with hooks on which to hang the tools.

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