If this is the first time you find yourself having to install a stairlift at home, you will certainly have noticed that there are different types. Today we want to talk about chair stairlifts and platform stairlifts, the two most recommended and used types, in order to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

It is very important to be able to overcome the architectural barriers, especially in the house where you live, and to do so gives mental and physical wellbeing both to those who are suffering from disabilities and to their loved ones.

If you have any doubts about the risk of affecting the style of the room in which the stairlift will be mounted, do not worry: today there is a wide variety of chairs and platforms designed to camouflage as much as possible with the surrounding environment and not, therefore, be intrusive towards the furnishings and the room in which they will be placed.

Which stairlifts are best suited to your home? This depends on your needs and the use you want to make of them. As we shall see in a moment, both types of stairlifts can be mounted on all types of ramps and both indoors and outdoors. Let’s try to explain the characteristics a little better and in which cases it is better to choose a stairlift with an armchair or a platform.

I stairlift with armchair

The first type of stairlift we want to talk about is the one that provides the chair, also called a stairlift chair. It is recommended especially for the elderly or for those with mobility difficulties but does not use a wheelchair. This particular stairlift is suitable for both domestic and outdoor use, so it will be important to make a careful choice of materials based on your needs and the place where you decide to mount it.

Its installation is not at all problematic, it does not require much time and, moreover, neither renovation nor work on the electrical system will be necessary. A feature not to be underestimated is that you will have the possibility to perfectly adapt your stairlift to any type of stairway, be it straight, curved or spiral because this will perfectly follow the course of the ramp. Although it may seem strange, the stairlift is a not bulky complement: the stairs will, in fact, remain entirely usable even for other family members who do not have motor difficulties, because the armchairs are foldable and will not give any kind of discomfort since you can fold them whenever you don’t need them.

The chair stairlifts are equipped with remote control with which you can recall and send the chair where you want. Moreover, for your convenience, you will find a control lever, with the function of the key, which will give you the possibility to move towards the top of the stairs or, vice versa, towards the bottom with absolute naturalness and ease.

As we said, it is possible to install these stairlifts without the need to start annoying and intrusive jobs for everyone. The structure of the chair is in fact step-mounted using the appropriate supports and the rail can be mounted both on the railing side and on the wall side. This system guarantees maximum stability, so you will have no reason to fear for your safety or that of your loved ones.

The last curiosity, but not the least interesting, is that each chair-type stairlift, working with a rechargeable battery, is equipped with a safety system that allows the chair to reach its destination even in the event of a power failure.

The platform stairlifts

And now we see the features and advantages of a stairlift, which is called, more technically, also stairlift.

First of all, it is necessary to specify that the main difference with the chair stairlifts is that they are certainly more suitable for those who were forced to move in a wheelchair. Thanks to the structure of this stairlift, in fact, it will not be necessary to call someone to move around in the chair: just step onto the platform and move up or down. These platforms, in fact, are among the most used thanks to their high usability, extreme comfort and their ease of use.

Furthermore, the ascent and descent will be extremely easy thanks to the intuitive and ergonomic controls that all stairlifts are equipped with now, which give complete autonomy even to those who suffer from motor difficulties in their hands, such as those with rheumatic diseases more or less serious.

The platforms are always customizable, so you can have full decision-making power both as regards the choice of materials and design, and as regards the size of the platform, which can also be extended if you want to make room for a possible companion.

Even the platform stairlifts are completely safe and reliable. Before activating the desired movement, just connect the wheelchair to the platform and you’re done. Moreover, thanks to the presence of rechargeable batteries, should a power outage occur, the platform would still lead you to your destination without interrupting the race.

As with the chair stairlifts, it can be installed with extreme simplicity and in no time, without you having to resort to modifications to the electrical system or to important work on the walls of your home.

And finally, let’s talk about design: even the platform stairlifts are not bulky and can adapt harmoniously to the rest of the house. It is, in fact, possible to close the platform again and use it only when needed and you can choose from a wide range of colors in order to perfectly match your stairlift with the surrounding furniture.

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