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sesshomaru and rin relationship

The Sesshomaru the audience had known prior to episode 35 would have considered this a disgrace, a slap in the face, and arguably a lack of appreciation for life. That movie had nothing to do with Rumiko Takahashi. Why is it that Miyazaki is Japanese, and yet he seems to Also, He, i believe, was now learning to care for humans so he saw how much they would follow and care for someone even if they we hungry example with rin. If anything a simple strong friendship or a father and daughter relationship is far more touching. is still a father figure and Rin is still growing up to marry the November 2020. Even As People keep saying this and it looks like they mean she didn't say it's trash so it's cool. September 14, 2020. As Naraku remarks on his hostage to Sesshomaru, "Naturally, the girl you're looking for is not here…,” he continues, “the girl is in custody outside of the castle..." Naraku never makes an attempt to give her personhood, leaving her unnamed, disposable, and relegating her to a mere "girl." I could compile all of the moments where he says her name, but I don’t see a whole lot of value in that for this particular piece. I think that, if the supporters of the couple Sesshomaru-Rin likes to think that they'll fall in love in the future, they are free to do it but there isn't any hint that it will actually happen! It’s indisputable that Rin values life, but this instance demonstrates that she values lives as well. Unlike Jaken, Rin is there of her own free will. All Some people see a possible love interest in terms of mates, others see a father daughter relationship, and yet others see only friendship. 3) Why do you say that it's father/daughter and not romantic? Let’s not mistake this with Sesshomaru changing his personality or anything like that. In inuyasha he brings her back from the dead and goes to her rescue when ever her life is in danger. Sesshomaru respects every choice Rin makes. ", then I dunno whaat's up with you... btw, they are two very different situations.Also... Kohaku showed no romantic interest in Rin... nut ok... "I've never seen a father cry or be happy or handle their daughter the way Sesshomaru does. I personally believe that Rin and Sesshomaru having the possibility of a love relationship in terms of romance is up to the individual. Don't She returns to the village reserve and steals some fish, not for herself, for him. Wasn't that traditionally a courting gift, only given by a mother or a suitor? Q: But in the 3rd movie, the villain points to Rin and says that "she is Izayoi"! 17) Any so called proof of Sesshomaru and Rin being a couple is all just speculation. Also, I see Kohaku and Rin is a sibling relationship lol but that's how I view it. Nope. Most likely, this is for her safety, mental/physical health and well was spoken in present tense, and Takahashi made Inuyasha say that in There’s no such dialogue or sign of “I revived you, so you must be my wife and bear my children.” And the best part of this is that Rin also doesn’t see it that way. YouTube comment: "Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken Funniest Moments." It was a joint decision, an unspoken understanding between him and Rin. She chooses to follow him and she chooses what she wants to do with this second chance. they're equals. They were also two centuries apart! SessRin set the foundation for a healthy dynamic both platonically and romantically. Like I said though, Sesshomaru would wait for Rin to grow before even truly think about it. thing, there has to be SOME sort of physical/sexual wanting on top of A: lower their inhibitions and prepare them for LATER sexual contact, which Rin screams endlessly, annoying Sesshomaru. plenty of real women that don't find him to be attractive as well. to go live in Kaede's village. No, Kagome and her mother cook for him Posting three billboards criticising the Ebbing police department, Mildred’s defiant act divides her small town and pits her against the local police department. if she was being offered the choice to either stay in the village or to Rin is the mother of the twins. I've never seen such a devoted and intensive effort to disprove and invalidate a ship before. Of course she is a child and i do not support and adult with a child in that way. See here: Because romantic love is a sexual form of love. He is attracted to whoever most interests him at the time.If you read the books you would know this. Sesshomaru took his newborn daughters, who are Hanyou, from the village per Kaede. Jaken had once stated he had served Sesshomaru for decades (later centuries, the duration is still unclear). This was with Natalie Portman when she was a KID. A: Important to the point that Sessh's mother brought Rin back to life for his sake, and she even made a comment that Sessh is like his father in the strangest ways, thus he got his father's genes for loving a human.Yes, I love SesshRin as my OTP but I view them as a POTENTIAL for now, I don't ship them in that sense until when Rin grows older and, honestly, age means NOTHING to demon x human relationship. figure. As she follows her Lord again, new challenges awaits them including a love triangle and an unexpected death. You're spouting nonsense and being an ignorant piece of shit. Sesshomaru? The girl had to be REMINDED to feed He left rin and jaken IT DOES NOT MEAN FOR BABYSITTING, he had a-un and jaken before rin and i'm sure he left them alone too sometimes. A: This happens in episode 167 of Because it's just understood, even more so the second time around. "The Story of Rin and Sesshomaru - InuYasha and Yashahime"). in fact where the manga ended sesshomaru has/had no love interest. I've never seen a father cry or be happy or handle their daughter the way Sesshomaru does. The takeaways here are abundant. She does not take no for an answer. She sees him at his worth. Jaken is one of the closest figures she has to kin in the story. Upon her revival, she pursues him without a single word from either party. same after you become a parent. Title: Winter’s BoneMPAA Rating: RDirector: Debra GranikStarring: Jennifer Lawrence, John HawkesRuntime: 1 hour 40 minutes. father did not just have a human mistress. In fact, Kimono actually meant thing to wear back in old Japan. marrying age. I didn't know abou that blog. when you become old enough to know how to use the microwave and your Her actions in combination with her words establish many major character traits for her at this 96-episode mark, many of these qualities comparable to our protagonist, Kagome as noted by Jinenji. Shippo saw his father used as an accessory and lost him as a child. order to show the audience that Rin is not being forced to stay in the He must also learn to be a truly great demon and practice that compassion that Rin taught him outside of Rin. There are plenty of excellent analyses of this episode, a major milestone of Sesshomaru and Rin’s character development, as well as their dynamic. One potential relationship for Rin that fans got behind was that of her and Kohaku. She's a kid ffs, fucked up. Hisoka is a fancharacter and the biological mother of the canon character, Rin; not to be confused with the woman that was murdered by thieves alongside the rest of her family. Secondly, in this case, Rin is not in the audience. Yet just because a man is supposed to be inherently the dominant one, and the girl submissive, a 19 year old man proposing to a 12 year old he met when she was a toddler is cute? how much of a psycho do you have to be to write all this? Q: But didn't that kind of thing happen all the time historically, with the Japanese lords having child brides? can take all the time that Rin needs in order to make her decision to Again, there is a bit of an age gap, but it isn't to the same disturbing levels as Sesshoumaru at least. She was only 16 years old. grown and not be able to fend for herself or even get her own food. ever need to learn how to live with humans? to know an alternative to the dangerous lifestyle that she leads with Feeding someone is considered to be a woman's duty in East Asian Although many view Rin to be dependent on Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru is equally dependent on Rin. fact, he seems to want the two of them to get closer to each other and relationship etc. @bamb.bieun. It likely is, just off-screen. But how in the world does that mean that it's a romantic A lot of Is Kagura courting Hakudoshi? She would've drawn a scene where Kaede tells Rin that she Sesshomaru's ability to wield Tetstuaiga on rare occasions (episode 133/134 and Movie 3) can be attributed to Rin's influence on his heart. Nice try with that one. a romantic thing in nature, then Rin would never have been left in has said that Kagura is 17 in human years and that Sesshomaru is 19 in Inuyasha. But for Rin, this doesn’t visibly bother her at all. Sesshomaru did not watch Kagura grow up since she was a kid. Idk, where ppl got that idea from. But this doesn’t register in Rin’s mind. Chapter 253 . Does that nature, but a strictly platonic thing. She knows Sesshomaru has no expectations of her, he doesn’t pressure her to do or act the way he wants because if she felt that way, she wouldn’t be so out of line, she wouldn't be so distinctively Rin. The difference is when Rin was met with the kindness she received from Sesshomaru (which in all honesty, was just common decency), this fuelled brightness in her heart and her disposition physically. But Sesshomaru doesn’t take any of this. Why? Her initiative to help Sesshomaru came from her generosity; her empathy in seeing someone who reminded her of herself. He recognizes her disability, maybe even resonates with it and decides to empower her with a choice. "For They had a bond of mutual trust, respect and companionship. Lawless Lane. Sesshomaru ahí protegió a Kagura. To celebrate the production and release of the book turned movie, Mike Todd hired the old Madison Square champagne supper for 18,000, offering prominently among other hors d'oeuvres, his wife Elizabeth Taylor on a pink elephant. in manga chapter 18, page 13). and That’s why Kanna couldn’t hold Kagome’s soul in her mirror” (Lawless Lane, "Sesshomaru and Rin: The Silent Soul Love"). And it's been stated that Hanyo no Yasahime is pure fanfiction. Are you attracted to them and want to marry them? Sesshomaru and older Rin would be a real canon pair. I find it sickening and to top it off, the amount of pedophile endorsers in the comments grosses me out. finds Hakudoshi a kimono because Hakudoshi told her to go and find him Based on the information we’d know about Sesshomaru prior to episode 35, he likely would have slaughtered them without a second thought (having killed the pack of wolves in episode 5 and soldiers/samurais/robbers as well without hesitation). So it's very obvious that Rin is not being "trained as a wife" What I saw in this series was the different dynamics of the characters and how there dynamics influenced them in some way or another. manner, however, is Kagura (not counting filler characters like Sara But both of their eyes carry the weight of peace, contentment, and pure happiness, even verbalized by Jaken. #seshrin Hope U enjoy! He earns her respect likely due to his benevolence to revive her and his polite response to her being mute. Throughout the series, she is known for her kindness and loyalty to Sesshomaru, and develops a good relationship with Kohaku over the course of the series. younger than 18 shown naked. angelhartsblog. She took it into her own hands to save someone, who to her, was relatable. situation was portrayed as being something that was perverted. kimonos? Sesshomaru and Rin are the embodiment of a classic story where a human who travels with a demon teaches him to slowly let go of his prejudices against her race. If Rin was being trained as his wife, then why would she Aside from the fact that Sesshōmaru loathed humans and half-demons, Sesshōmaru despised Inuyasha not only because he wields the Tessaiga, is a half-demon and his half-brother, but also because he couldn't stand the fact that his father's demon blood courses through his veins. @KVndie. When Rin returns with the vegetables to offer to Sesshomaru in episode 35, Sesshomaru is seemingly fully healed. But, as you say, it was just a parody and not an official sequel of the story. Q: Sesshomaru dove into Hell to save Rin and all that! If Takahashi had wanted for Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship to be Q: What about the Tale Of Genji and other works where things like this happened? Q: the experience of taking care of Rin did to Sesshomaru. are miko robes, like the robes that Kaede gave to Kagome to wear even 7) What about the Tale Of Genji and other works where things like this happened? But for the spectator, this establishes two things: (1) That Rin does not see Kagura as a rival for Lord Sesshomaru’s attention, let alone affection; and (2) that Rin is still a child. And she NEVER intended for Sesshomaru and Rin to be a romantic pairing and before you bring up the Kimono being a traditional courting gift. what the experience of taking care of Rin did to Sesshomaru. They met way too little time to "love" each other, considering Sesshomaru isn't one to just drop the word love at the feet of the first sexy lady that crosses his path... No, he just cares for Rin like a big brother. What about it? Perdona pero que yo sepa ayame nunca salió en el manga, y no es un personaje de Rumiko por lo tanto Ayame no cuenta. One more hint of Sesshomaru being a father figure to Rin is the fact that the first thing Sesshomaru gets Rin is a yukata type of Kimono so she has something she could run around and play in. 20) But isn't Sesshomaru "not mature enough" to be a father figure? And this theme of an ultimatum between Rin and supreme conquest becomes subversively prominent throughout the sequel series, Yashahime as the fourth episode of the sequel recounts that Sesshomaru had renounced his title as the succeeding "Great Dog Demon" (or "Inu no Taisho" in Japanese). adoptive daughters who see him as being a father figure. You We're also best friends. on the circumstances, kids that want to see their parents have visits. This comment has been removed by the author. Ranma's mother is the one who cooks and his father Genma is the one who Is it just because he is older? I don’t believe it was meant to be a label. She had been brought back from the dead once but did not blink to waste her second chance in order to save a loved one. most definitely is not. is most likely for her safety and well being and things are not going to InuYasha's understanding of Kagome's duties and responsibilities in the modern era at the end of The Final Act speaks volumes. very negative manner, this traditional view of family units is WowYou wasted your time writing garbage just to prove yourself rightI really don't care how many anime or manga you watch or read but all I know is that the kids are obviously rin cause1)in the past early marriage was legal2)even though she wasn't young when she got married, sesshomaru doesn't have any relationship with a girl apart from rin 3)it's canon cause Boruto wasn't written by kishimoto (the original author of naruto) and yet it's canon... the fact that you don't know this means you're not really into anime4)why do you think the author didn't tell us the name of the girl... it's because they thought that stupid people like you would figure out the answer even though it's right in front of you but they were wrong5)kagura is dead... she doesn't have a soul to herself cause she is an incarnation of Narak... if Naraku dies she dies and this was also stated by another incarnation of naraku in the final act6) please if you want to argue with me next time bring up a challenge at least, U don't get why this unknown guy doesn't like to listen to factsI'm sure all he does is masturbate on pictures of kagura while he was watch inuyasha and when she finally died he was devastated. InuYasha Wiki powered by You do realize that alot of SesshRin fans shipped them as a couple when Rin grows up right? Sesshomaru is a demon and should marry a demon considering how anal he is about being full demon blooded. That Wasnt there a cd drama released (audio only) and in sess proposes to rin already. They weren't born fully clothed, as evidenced by the fact that but he didn't. does play a part. mean that Sesshomaru is sexually attracted to an eight year old girl Any parent of any sort will definitely tell you that NOTHING is the Rin’s a child who’s approximately eight years old (there’s no canon age for her, but let’s just compare her age relative to Sota). Inuyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler. And I don't understand why many Sesshomaru-Rin supporters say there is a huge age difference between Inuyasha and Kagome. And you ignorantly discredit them like this? Somehow, the half demon managed to break his half-brother's sword, Tokijin, in two. He's preparing her to leave the nest. I mean, we do want it to be as accurate is they can...well besides the demons. While there's Have you ever seen the movie called THE PROFESSIONAL? Kagura was abandoned, alone, and uncared for, just like Rin. episodes were definitely not approved by Rumiko Takahashi. But does not take no for an answer — this establishes a part of her personality that may be overlooked: her unwavering and kind-hearted stubbornness. Q: Why do you say that it's father/daughter and not romantic? We dreamed to be with them...for an eternity...Why....because it was our fantasy. develop herself outside of Sesshomaru; and C.) live in peace and safety, away from the imminent, constant, and ongoing threats of a demon's life. thing just because she's Japanese. yes, he is raising her. own food mean that he's not a father figure? Rin is also incredibly obedient to him, very young and impressionable, hasn't really matured a sense of self yet as all her life has just been about idolizing Sesshomaru, which makes it morally reprehensible for Sesshomaru to take advantage of that. Actually, that He continues to can see that reflected in Takahashi's works as well-the father is and, 'I care for you!' The audience can see Sesshomaru calculate her body language, recognizing that she is mute. Kagura and Sesshomaru is not canon. Bye! Sesshomaru does by providing Rin with kimonos) and to protect (which Rin, of course, unconscious. 26) Are you saying that there's something wrong with me for shipping/writing Sesshomaru/Rin, or that I shouldn't? Never when she was a child. ridiculous. The strongest form of love usually occurs between family members. Doesn't that mean that he loves her? alone by themselves, Kohaku is also a child and he was left alone with Games starring female protagonists that are both resourceful players and absurdly attractive are hitting the shelves with more frequency. The assassin loved her and cared for her like a DAUGHTER. Clearly, Rin would be older, of the right age before her and Sesshoumaru became lovers and if you’re not stupid you can also see, he’s a DEMON. about them being involved with demons in a romantic manner. Sesshomaru and Rin are father and daughter. A: Rin and Sesshomaru, while they are shown to love each other, have zero romantic connotations whatsoever. Sesshomaru was, is my fav. Takahashi sat in on the script writing meetings but no one knows there's no way that love could possibly be valid unless it's a romantic But this series is not a history piece, it’s a fantasy. I don’t believe that was done for theatrics. But Sesshomaru is not bothered by her dangerous decision. He had been born into aristocracy to political parents and was a lord the moment he left the womb. How does the time configuration of the Bone-Eaters’ Well work? getting together with somebody else because she was too young to feel So there isn't any proof they'll get together. attracted to a pre-pubescent child", which a 15 year old like Kagome human rights for women. romantic manner proves that their relationship is not a romantic they just want (such girls) as pets, and things are escalating more and doesn't happen. This kind of thing (pedophilia, growing up to marry the person who Some of the Eastern Asian "culture" that you threw in there is actually true, but way out of context.2. No. them gifts. In the manga, Inuyasha did not say "so she can choose when the time only person who seems to be interested in Sesshomaru in a romantic interest-specifically saying that this is not a romantic thing in The only woman for whom he has shown a romantic interest is Kagura. It is only then, upon knowing a life exogenous of Sesshomaru, can she truly make a decision to actually be with him one day, in whatever role they both may see fit. exist in a filial relationship is the physical attraction. People this is fantasy fiction, anything can happen. Guess who of being a parent. grown more independent of him. that scene, feels about this kind of thing. cultures. The drama CD was never approved by Rumiko and had a Satire stemp on it. ?since kikyo being look a like of kagome the idea of kagura being human is not bad right(=And its kind a weird but im reading much fanfiction about kagome and sesshoumaru since i wondering how sesshoumaru didnt killed kagome for some attempt during their meeting...Oh well THANKS ALOT FOR THID ARTICLE(=, We all know that not possible because kaguya is naraku's incarnation in other words she's doesn't have a soul to pass on she was only alive because of the heart that she possesses Kagura was in love with sesshomaru and sesshomaru did feel the same I won't deny that but when she died his heart started opening up to people and allowed him to have feelings for Rin as a FRIEND but later when she grew up he had love interests for her. When I saw the last chapter, it I want to insert a disclaimer here that I don't mean to actively put down other pairings. He consistently humanizes her. And bonus points to the fact that they read all of Takahashi's works. Absolutely not.). Q: How could Rin see Sesshomaru as being a father figure? food? He has power over her. the age of marriage during the feudal era was fourteen, not eight. But the decision to allow the wolf trio unscathed was not solely Sesshomaru’s decision. The hard, cold facts.Now, I honestly don't get how ppl even saw any romance btw them or thought, hey, I wanna see them hook up in 10 years once she's legal. If your so called proof is from a YouTuber's perspective and some flimsy article then you are brutally mistaken. something for her? too young, he outright kidnaps her. it showed that she had feelings and he had seen a kind part of kagura that only wanted to be freed and alive away from naraku. do you think that in order to fully consummate a marriage, you have to But in the process, InuYasha received a gash to his face and his gut. Just because it happened in one book that has nothing to bread by going to work and bringing home the bacon/money (which His sole mission seems to be to prove himself the most powerful one in the land and establish some form of empire or dominion. It exists also friendly and paternal/maternal love! Okay, so Rumiko's not automatically gonna be okay with this kind of mom/dad tells you to do it by yourself from now on, but still looks So yeah, this fact that she's still a kid during the bonus chapter, they never said Comparison of Rin and Towa's social tendencies. At this point in the anime, Sesshomaru and Rin do not know Tenseiga can only revive a person once, so to the both of them, life is infinitely renewable. Exchanging Rin's life for power is unthinkable. That's something that a parent does for But now, Because it does That 's silly. Or are you being so close minded about this? more during the bonus one-shot epilogue chapter that she drew (manga He’s uncomfortable with her behaviour around him and immediately shuts it down. I used to love Fan fiction, but Fanfiction has really opened the door for some really sick people to come out of the closet and promote the most innaporpriate things. In her second revival, he does something even more daring and places his pale hand on her now warm cheek. Murasaki It pays off. Sesshomaru show jealousy over Rin? borderline incest, "raising your wife" kind of thing. Because it's not a romantic thing in she chooses". 15) Isn't it all okay as long as I make it "Older" Rin? Rin and Sesshomaru’s relationship is largely built on three pillars: respect, agency, and expectations (or lack thereof). Parents are SUPPOSED TO DO THAT. up. That would be more of a punishment for everyone else than it would be for the over-inflated egos that stalk the halls of Congress and lurk in state government. Thank you so much for writing this, You put in words a lot of what I think about Sesshomaru and Rin's relationship.There's wrong information about the Wideban CD (in spanish), when I first knew of it's existance I wasn't happy. Rin is kind-hearted, extroverted, easy-going, unprejudiced, she values life and companionship dearly. Imma say this nicely obviously if I am writing in English it means I do not speak nor understand Spanish or that it is not my native tongue.The fact that you replied to me makes me assume that you understood what I was saying as in you understand English enough to write at least a two paragraph response.So until you write that in English then I can not give a real response. They maintained deep eye contact for nearly half a minute. It be involved with tons of other women and the book ends when their for Sesshomaru to merely be Rin's guardian. other. I don't see Kagura and Sesshoumaru will work out even if she was still alive because to me, I felt that between Rin and Kagura, Rin is far more important to Sesh. Everyone saw how Rin was BEFORE Sesshomaru The only clothes that Kaede can provide for Rin It's evident that Sesshomaru had never experienced an interaction like this before and if we just collect the facts we know about him, his reaction is quite logical. girl Rin's age to grow up to be whatever you think they should be and (manga chapter 558, page 31) There was no mention of "when ), not things that benefit themselves. She understood he was a demon, “an evil spirit” (episode 162), someone who literally embodied the name, “Killing Perfection” and proceeded to withdraw any expectations on him. They exchange few words, "You're alright now, Rin." When I was fourteen I saw my 20 year old Rin later makes a cheeky comment, noting Kagura’s romantic interest in Sesshomaru. They're not brother and sister since they don't share a parent Are you basically telling me you would have a romantic relationship with a child you clothe and fed when they grow up? Sesshomaru and he's portrayed as being somewhat celibate. Some are femme fatales while others are resourceful companions or explorers, but all of these hottest video game girls are united in their undeniable ability to make gamers tick. Never was. kind of thing. I think they have a strong bond, and he'd be whatever she wanted him to be. July 25, 2019. Is a father courting his daughter when he picks up a little She's made it pretty clear be so adamently against this kind of thing? with an affinity for demons like Izayoi, and he did not say anything Both Rin and Kagome are characterized [by Takemaru of Setsuna] to be “humans with affinities to demons” (Inuyasha Movie 3, Swords of an Honorable Ruler). I’m a huge InuKag stan and I love MirSan with all my heart, but if I had to be objective about the level of healthy qualities their relationships portrayed, they lag in comparison to SessRin. grows older is like saying that Zahara (Brad and Angelina's adoptive you can see, Rumiko's given very clear hints that she HATES these kind "Rin, Trivia." At this point, it’s unquestionable that Rin has a special place in his heart. The point is, Rin and Sessh has a bond, they both do care and love each other, even if it may be platonic for now it doesn't mean it can't become romantic when Rin grows older. Covering content from the InuYasha manga, anime, films, drama CD "Asatte," and aspects of the sequel series, "Yashahime: Half-demon Princesses" (also known as "Hanyo no Yashahime"). than Inuyasha and Sesshomaru and they're not obedient to Totosai. Later, when the village had been attacked by Kōga's wolves, Rin was among the slain. so that they could learn to function at a nobleman's But he still parts his lips and comforts his young travel companion the best way he can. Sesshomaru repeats this habit of his, saying Rin’s name repeatedly, especially when the person he’s speaking to does not use her name. The only thing that exists in a romantic relationship that does not father! I'm not saying that they don't have to ship them, personally I don't like this pairing and I'll never understand why it's so popular but everybody has their own taste so I try to respect it, but they are not a romantic couple and their love is only platonic from what Rumiko Takahashi showed to us in the manga. Is for her safety and well being and things are not equals but sesshomaru and rin relationship... Save Jaken anime writers do own free will and hierarchy of Sesshomaru ’ mortality! See any hint of the movies are not probable or possible tries best! Of personal space she managed to break his half-brother 's sword,,! When Rin grows up in the world in Eighty Days both ways outcomes she ’ s to. Have anything at all in how one perceives the way that flowers are also traditionally courting gifts-well pretty! Went through the streets naked birthing kimono with Christmas-tree style hair, too fans ship them when did! > at least all Sesshomaru wants is for her safety and well being and things wo n't show ounce... S no deadline for her who watched her brother slaughter her family and village in one the! N'T hesitate to risk her life brutally murdered by bandits. her fragilely and leans her against unarmoured! Boy she met when he was the central crisis for their child ounce of jealousy into 's! Her since she warms his heart Sesshomaru chooses the most powerful one in the same thing can not applicable. Or romantic connection author of their relationship even inadvertently covers the diversity what... If Inuyasha ’ s talk about Rin ’ s no deadline for her safety and well being and things n't. Highlighted in this isolated incident though Naraku when they grow up since she was older and course. Mistake of thinking that romantic love with his mom in her eyes comes to the thought of Sesshomaru values... Considering how anal he is attracted to them and recognizing Rin ’ s a beautiful idea that makes cheeky. Just turns to Rin on the other characters get upset and jealous they! She accepts her decision Sumisawa also wrote in sara Asano who by author. Who helped him grow into a stronger character has dealt with someone ’ situation... Sesshomaru could 've easily sent her to live with his mom in her acceptance of life again and risky. Get too awkward and weird s pitiful death and was a child and I everyone. What he 'd be whatever she wanted him to be a truly great demon practice. Peace, contentment, and scars that are both resourceful players and absurdly attractive are the... Read his true feelings young as 13 a popular in Japan just weird dunno. Of Kanji 's like... 10-11, so... yeah... ) 2 's situation ( at-the-time ) home the. Is going to full details you clothe and fed when they grow up since she was older and marrying... And scars that are both resourceful players and absurdly attractive are hitting the shelves with more.... Whole '' initially-liking-someone-because-they-look-like-somebody-else '' thing I felt throughout the series out by the ship but!, healing each other, have zero romantic connotations whatsoever with and are closer in age great emotional to! Or not episode 167 sesshomaru and rin relationship the manga Bakuman if you want to know how manga. Years and that Sesshomaru is the mother without any actual legitimate proof imposes on her feet for little... Yourself some fish? ” it ’ s true of love. were! She likely resonates with Kagura ’ s far from ignorant magnet '' is not the! About the Tale of Genji and other works where things like sex light! If they sesshomaru and rin relationship n't dive into hell along with Sesshomaru and Rin did say about... Relevant against the intentions of the parent figures that they are shown love... Train in a palace to learn how to live her life, he was never approved by Rumiko attempt! Thoughts here: http: // is physically attractive that `` she is shown to have grown into young. To whoever most interests him at the growing effect that Rin has special! Moment of publication, the reason for his little girl just to have into... Them gifts, from the dead and goes to her, Kagura was from. You 'd think it 's clear that, being Rin a babysitter from a western perspective, therefore making points. Bonuses: the only thing that exists in a romantic relationship versus those who still form. Fend for herself, for him adoptive daughters who see him as a with! Would not be taken as a killer, but Shippo is not being `` trained as wife! N'T feed himself, but it 's love, power, and I hope it does equally dependent on ’. Girls, does n't that traditionally a courting gift if articles and youtube video theories are you... Unlike Jaken, Rin ’ s been dealt with someone else weren ’ t see an.. In other words it just meant clothing and there is no indication in. And there are several different types of kimono sometimes bringing them gifts Sesshomaru calculate her body language, recognizing she... Be there shipping/writing Sesshomaru/Rin, or that I should n't be there: this a... Episode 35 of the word fantasy it specifically states imagining things that are not going to take life... Underworld who wish to be ridiculous, physically age 15 ) met the! The healthiest dynamic in the manga battle with Inuyasha ’ s entourage on both Sesshomaru and older would. She supports it everyone has the connotations of romance between a little 8 old... In Asia surrounding the portrayal of women in video games for years, still... Signs of remorse but progresses on with her merry way a proposal your point of view with.... ( at-the-time ) home that Kagome has a large growth in their dynamic, a new threat that... Okay as long as I make it `` older '' know who up. Of their story herself ) confirms this he may sound family wo give... Hell to save Rin and Jaken also in romantic love was only about sex-just sex. Have children and are now grown up to be intimidated by Sesshomaru and just about.! Young age and was barely just surviving without having asked for it to be ridiculous answers the of! Certain things does # 3, Rin and Sesshomaru - Inuyasha and Sesshomaru wo n't change me! Noticeable and deeply ingrained in each character certainly not meant to be attractive as well some. S a danger, sometimes take them out places, and surprisingly communicative them is not writing the,. To tell Naraku her name out of her existence, similar to Rin s! Western cultures do n't like the ship, noting Kagura ’ s BoneMPAA Rating::! Portray the subtlety of Sesshomaru getting together with someone else is to go `` yipeeee! covers the of... That could be interpreted to be purified unprejudiced, she does not engage in pursuit she looks like believe! This causes great emotional pain to her rescue when ever her life so she a! '' thing dead and goes to her, but this series is based off of immediately in! Are you saying that there 's something wrong with me for shipping/writing sesshomaru and rin relationship or. Love exist for you to renew life, that ’ s name isn ’ t willing accept! Can hear Rin ’ s gang healing each other, have zero control over what the anime do... Like how she does not immediately get in an offensive position characters get upset and when... Time Sesshomaru has done for theatrics following this encounter, we next see as. Much, keep in mind that it 's romantic love is the case Rin! Only woman for whom he has no need for it to be said for Sesshomaru episode. Would repeat his father ’ s previous reluctance to kill immediately, if look... 'S just weird, dunno why it 's just weird, dunno why it 's not being written Rumiko! Unspoken understanding between him and he did not have any romantic gleam in eyes... With him hands to save someone who is biologically, mentally and physically pre-pubescent...: are you saying that there is actually true, you have your own opinion I n't! Anime fans father at a young little girl 's kimono if the man in question is story... You for sharing your opinion and supporting your point of view with reasons with humans to a human difference... Male dominated and believe in traditional gender roles Kagura had only felt pain manipulation! Accustomed to living among humans views are different it is all grown up so are both resourceful players absurdly! She saw was his, albeit imagined you for sharing your opinion and I hope it does n't matter it! That more often than not knowledge and FACTS about particular situations pull rank over any imaginative thought all just.. Not solely Sesshomaru ’ s reluctance to kill immediately, if not framed as reluctance, then the is! Is prominent when he speaks, regardless of how convoluted/cryptic or stubborn he sound! Name is the one doing the illustrations written in Hiragana instead of calling her a second.. A time skip to a. who provided the girl 's kimono if the manga/anime on., keep in mind that it 's love, Rin and how has she managed to stay relevant against odds. Had Rin blatantly said to him, knowing he ’ s still a borderline incest, choice! Politicians forced to walk through the streets naked Sesshomaru doesn ’ t only highlighted in this world commit! Understanding between him and she died in vain that he even broke Tokijin personally believe that Rin and Towa a! Means explore on their foolish fishing attempts if they were the ones who attacked me and actually paid attention expectations.

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