The Pantone Color Institute, the consulting company that chooses the Colors of the Year, selected 72 colors for the home decor and interior design sector in 2019. Find out what’s on the horizon for next year, according to Pantone.

We had remained in the color of the year 2018, the Ultra Violet, but as always the Pantone experts look to the future and in recent months they have released the new guide on color trends.

PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2019 includes 8 color palettes, of which two are made public and are a return to the classics with some bright and interesting shades, specifically selected for the 2019 home and decor.

From paint to fabric, from curtains to sheets – even kitchen accessories – there is a good chance that this will be what we will see in stores next year. After all, Pantone has officially predicted colors since 2000 and has become a guide rather than a prediction, especially for the colors of fashion and interiors.

The PANTONE VIEW home + interior forecast includes 8 themes and 72 colors. Two of the palettes highlighted this year are CRAVINGS and CLASSIC.

Of the other magnificent palettes that Pantone’s color experts have come up with this year, we know names and features, but to see them you need to buy the guide.

Cravings – It is a palette that attracts the eye and the taste buds with spicy colors like red, orange and deep violet. The seductive allusions to “fetish food” (chocolate, chili…) deepen the irresistible message of the color combination.

Classic – Just as the name suggests, Classico shades are fundamental, timeless, elegant and never out of fashion. This is a palette in which a graceful “white swan” and camel color coexist effortlessly with blue, chic gray, burgundy red, black and gold caviar.

Syncopated – A palette imbued with energy and euphoria thanks to a brilliant white, a bright yellow and a warm yellow-red.

Paradoxical – The palette offers style and design created by unconventional combinations, an eclectic mix of ups and downs, of tradition and modernity.

Musings – A quietly reflective but vital palette, conveys a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, with a sense of well-being.

Cherish – A combination of nuances, which form a peaceful haven. Cherish captures memories of comfort, fun, affection, and joy.

Meanderings – Whether you travel physically or in your imagination to known and unknown destinations, Meanderings implies a winding path made at a slow pace, which often reveals unexpected treasures and pleasures.

Proximity – Forming a hybrid of technology and nature that speaks of the complexities of 21st-century life, Proximity collects the sister shades of tropical green-blue and blue-green that blend smoothly into royal blue and clean greens.

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