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Not only because it is trendy, but as a neutral and sober color, it is increasingly common to meet it in the living areas of our homes. It matches different tastes and adapts to each style.

The extreme versatility of this color-non-color makes it perfect for the sofa because it can be easily combined with different shades, fabrics, and coverings. This neutral base can, in fact, be revived through the use of fabrics, textures, and accessories: cushions, rugs, curtains, plaids, but also tables, vases, ottomans, etc. These are the elements that can change your home’s appearance and can follow your mood and season changes.

The gray sofa is, therefore, a winning choice because it is chic and timeless. Here are ten ideas for your relaxation corner!

In the photo above the two sofas of different gray shades, are combined with cushions in turquoise tones, a color that is also taken up by some prints and the garland of lights. The table is made up of two pallets also painted in gray. The frames chosen for the prints and photos, placed on two small Ikea shelves, are all black. Finally, the carpet with black and white drawings on the white floor enriches and furnishes this environment.

Light gray sofa with a vintage shape for this interior with the typical characteristics of a loft. Even the wooden coffee table recalls a typical design of the 50s. A single pillow with a geometric and multi-colored pattern along with the plaid makes the whole softer and more cheerful.

In this image, we find a warmer atmosphere thanks to the colors and details chosen in combination with the gray sofa. The gray wall helps to create a cozy corner to the L-shaped sofa, heated by yellow accents (cushions, prints …) and parquet. The white shelf creates a beautiful gallery that can be modified at will, without making holes on the wall. A versatile idea, for those who like to change often.

Here is a living room that recalls the balance and harmony of the Nordic style, found in the choice of natural materials and neutral tones, mixed with the wise use of natural light and the importance given to details. Greenlight for cushions with different fabrics and textures, as well as maxi-knit plaid and long-fiber rugs.

In this environment, the classic- style gray sofa is combined with an eclectic and feminine style. Above the sofa, there is a collection of black and white photos and prints, with frames of different sizes and shapes. The juxtaposition of different graphic signs (diamond-shaped cushions, lines on the carpet) all declined on a palette of neutral colors (black, gray, cream-white) makes the whole particularly original, but without excesses.

We still change the style in this contemporary- style farmhouse. The gray sofa almost disappears and blends into the stone wall, but is illuminated by vibrant colors, all in harmony with each other.

Here we find a more relaxed and boho-chic atmosphere for the gray linen sofa, which is completed with soft cushions in light colors and objects recovered from the markets.

This Nordic interior is sober and elegant, but always welcoming, where the grille is absolutely the protagonist, warmed by a few antique pink details and a light wood floor.

For this gray vintage-looking sofa, characterized by a well-defined texture, we chose to play with contrasts to break up its refined sobriety. Like the patterns of cushions ranging from black and white stripes to large and slightly retro flowers.

Still, a Nordic interior is the protagonist of the gray sofa, warmed by wooden floors and fixtures and by vintage and industrial objects and fabrics.

Comfortable and functional, the soft fabric sofa breaks the monotony of white a bit, along with the wicker chair and the rug in the same tone.

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