Dating: Tomboys vs Girly Girls

There are tons of types of girls around but for this issue, let’s focus on two of the most contradicting types: the tomboys and the girly-girls. Each type is beauty and awesomeness in her own right. But for dating and comparison’s sake, let’s take a good look at these two types of ladies. Just a better way of showing options when dating for you guys.

But remember, whatever type of woman you’d like to date, there are killer ways on how to ask a girl out that you should be a master of.



Girly girls are cute, sweet and soft-spoken.

Cute, sweet, nice, soft spoken, and a Madam in the making. Their looks matter to them just as much as their personality. They always watch their words and walk in poise and proper demeanor. Their outfits are mostly composed of anything that screams GIRL, including sugar pinks and pastels, floral prints, and happy little polka dots with frills and lacey lace. They are very comfortable running around in 5-inch heels and can never be caught dead with a smudge on their makeup.

They also love men who are romantic. If you think you’re someone who’s unromantic, better read my previous post here.

They love hanging around with their girlfriends and spend some free time baking, knitting, or maybe even shopping.

Pros of Dating Girly Girls

Dating girly-girls reduce the risk of feeling emasculated just because your girlfriend can play basketball better than you. Girly-girls like gentlemen and are into the sweeter things. They are traditional and love remembering dates and mementos and they may secretly keep the napkin from the restaurant on the first date. They are picky but they won’t let you know about it. They are mostly prim and proper and will do you good on your etiquette lessons.

They are the ones who are not afraid to let you know that they are getting dressed for you. They can be very, very sweet and thoughtful too.

Cons of dating girly girls

They can get extremely jealous of boys night outs and would probably cut on your action movies and video games and may force you to wait around for long hours while they are shopping, showering, or getting ready to go out.



Tomboys are not necessarily lesbians, but not your typical hip-swaying ladies either.

They wear power suits, track suits and maybe even yoga pants over frills and fringe and florals. They go for Super Bowl dates over slumber parties and would hardly back down on a mega-burger-and-milkshake-with-buffalo-wings-eating contest and will play guys man to man on the hard court. And chances are, they are better than you at fixing cars and using power tools.

They are not ‘lesbians’, they are straight women – just not the typical hip-swaying types of gals. They are tough – that’s the best way to put it.

Pros of dating tomboys

Tomboys can be a lot of fun – especially since they mostly like what men like: sports, action, adrenaline rush, video games. They might not even flinch at the thought of you smelling like sweat and sweat after a day of playing or working under the sun. And the best part is, you can take these types of girls to boys night outs without hearing a single complaint; in fact, she might actually enjoy it!

Cons of dating tomboys

These ladies are pretty much extreme on the competitive side. So if you’re not into feeling emasculated and getting your egos busted, these are not the types of girls for you. You may also have to lay low on your ‘gentlemanliness’ because their independence would hardly allow that. Here is a good article on how to undertand tomboys more.

So, that said, who would you be dating? *Wink*

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