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If you have been meditating for a while, then you are probably looking for ways to make your sessions more effective. One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of your meditation sessions is by incorporating brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment works by synchronizing beats with your brainwaves. When this happens, you will experience many benefits during your meditation sessions. Isochronic beats are one of the most popular kinds of beats in brainwave entrainment. The following paragraphs will describe in detail the benefits of isochronic beats.

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Meditation can bring peace and stillness in your mind, but if you need help in getting to alpha state in meditation, try brainwave entrainment

Flash It Up! Isochronic Beats That Aids Meditation

One of the benefits of isochronic beats is that you will be much more attentive. One of the goals of meditation is to be more aware of your surroundings. If you use isochronic beats during your meditation sessions, you will definitely be able to achieve this goal. Also, if you find that your meditation sessions don’t help you focus as well as you would like, isochronic tones can help. Many people are able to focus throughout the whole day with the use of this form of brainwave entrainment, especially NeuroActivator brainwave synchronization programs.


Another benefit of isochronic beats is an increase in energy. There are many different isochronic tracks you can purchase online that focus on giving you a specific benefit during meditation. If you have trouble staying awake throughout the day, isochronic beats can definitely help you overtime. While meditation is naturally supposed to give you more energy, listening to isochronic beats during meditation can really improve your results.

If you have trouble balancing your emotions, listening to isochronic beats during meditation can help control them better. Many people are either extremely negative or overly emotional. If you are looking for a way to keep your emotions under control, isochronic beats are a highly effective way to achieve your goal. There has been years of research on the relationship between isochronic beats and meditation, which confirms what meditation experts have been saying for centuries.

Finally, isochronic beats can help you have a deeper meditation session. If you have trouble completely clearing your mind during your meditation sessions, getting a high quality isochronic track is a wonderful way to get your mind completely clear before you begin your day.

These beats are also good at making sure that you only focus on one issue at a time. If you can’t seem to process your events one at a time, these tracks can really help calm down your mind so that this is possible.

Now that you know more about the benefits of isochronic beats, you should be able to determine whether or not you would like to incorporate this meditation technique into your routine.

For many people, using isochronic beats in addition to their regular meditation session helps them get drastically better results. If you are serious about getting more out of your meditation sessions, it is very important to remember that the higher quality the isochronic beats tracks, the better your results to be. Low quality tracks will not provide you with as many benefits as professionally crafted tracks.

Here is an article on Huffington Post on the benefits of meditation -

Are you convinced yet?

Boosting Your Girlfriend’s Ego: The Why and the How

We women are taught by our mothers and our older sisters and girlfriends that as lovers, we are expected to help boost our men’s egos. It is important that they get their major support system from us; that they feel their worth and value from us. And that is why we strive hard to give you the right compliments, say the right things, and moan the perfect moans just to give you that ego-high.

Men, you egotistical men. We work hard to help boost your crazy ego-centric personalities but do you even feel that need towards us women? Do you – gentlemen of this world – even realize that women have egos that need to be fed, by you nonetheless?

If not, read on and read well. Your girlfriends will thank me for this.

Why You Need to Boost Your Girlfriend’s Ego

Your do not have to wait for your girlfriend to be insecure before you start doing some ego boost for her – it should be a natural and routinely thing for you to do. Why? I can give you a couple of reasons:

It makes her feel good.

When you can easily make her feel good with an ego boost, she will associate you with feeling great. She will love your company and she will love you – it’s nature. We always love the things that make us feel good.

It makes her confident about herself and about your relationship.

It not only boosts her self-confidence; it makes her confident about what you guys have. When you show her that you appreciate her, that you trust her, that she’s great – it makes her feel great about herself and feels that the relationship is contributing a lot to that.

It makes her want to become a better girlfriend.

A romantic relationship is pretty much like parenthood – there should be nurturing kindness and a lot of positive reinforcements. If your girlfriend feels loved and appreciated, and the relationship is making her happy, she’d likely feel the urge to become the best girlfriend that she can ever be for you and your relationship.

It will make her feel loved.

Fractionation seduction has long taught us that boosting her ego will tell her how you value her and how much you trust her and this in turn will make her feel loved.

How to Boost Your Girlfriend’s Ego

Constantly compliment her.

WebMd published an article that explains how men’s ego bruises easily compared with women– this maybe one reason why it’s a problem for guys to compliment the woman. Women, on the other hand– still need to be complimented by boosting their ego. It  is extremely important that a man reminds his woman how great she is to him.

Encourage her.

Whether it’s her work or her cooking or some brand new hobby she has, always encourage her. If you want to make her say yes to you and the growth of your relationship, remember that a woman always feels the need to grow in other things not just as a lover to you and it is equally important that her man supports that need.

Be proud of her.

Always show her how proud you are of her. No, you don’t have to announce her every achievement on Facebook. Being proud of her is seen in your attitude. It can be as simple as walking with head held high and with a huge smile on your face when you go out together in public.

How to Be Friends with Your Ex-Girlfriend

Exes of any gender can range from awkward to annoying to hateful. Of course, there are a few good ones in the list. But seriously, how often do we see these precious good exes? There are exes who are so horrible that they change numbers at the very least, and change countries at worst. I’d be damned to find someone who had to change appearance to avoid an ex-lover.

But wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where past lovers can just be good friends? Would it be too much to ask to be friends with an ex? Or perhaps, just maybe, deep in your heart you still want to know some tips and techniques on getting an ex girlfriend back?  I don’t know about you guys but I do know some tricks how to soften your ex-girlfriends’ hearts towards becoming friends again.

Here are some tips on how to be friends with your ex-girlfriend:

  • Do not be prideful. It does not matter whose fault it was – it’s in the past now. Forget the hate, forget the anger – trust me it will do you more good than you think. Sure, it was you who decided it was about time to break up. But when you see each other, remember her as the woman who you once loved, whose company you used to enjoy, whom you shared many great memories with. Don’t let your anger over what happened in the past bring you heart ailments. And do not wait for her to make the first move. So you meet accidentally at the supermarket and you know that she saw you too. Make. The. First. Move. Go ahead and approach her silly! Girls are not as prideful as you think, you know.
  • Do not bring back the bad parts of the past. When you get the chance to talk, talk only about the good things. Or better yet, avoid talking about the past altogether. Talk about the present, your future plans, anything fun and anything generally nice. Do not mention anything that would make you both recall the ugly parts of what you used to have.

So you were like this before.. but not anymore. Are you ready to be friends with your ex?



  • Avoid sending mixed signals. Girls can be crazy assuming sometimes. If all you intended for is to make friends with her again, then make sure your actions speak the same. Do not get her into thinking that you are being friends with her again because you want to get back together. Gentlemen, being weirdly and exaggeratedly nice will make her think of two things: you’re either trying to get back with her or you’re plotting some macabre revenge. So watch your actions and make sure they do not send any mixed messages to her brain.
  • Do not force it nor rush it. As the song goes, ‘Love takes time to heal when you’re hurting so much’. You can’t expect her to want to be friends with you the day after you broke up. Seriously. Give her and yourself the time and the chance to heal all wounds. You can’t do all these things if you are both not ready.
  • If she refuses to be friends with you again, then let her be. At the end of the day, it is you – not her – who’s going to sleep with a clear conscience.

Now, are you ready to be friends again with your ex?

Ways to Make Her Say ‘Yes’ To You

So you’ve been hanging out for quite a while and you realize you’re ready to take the next big step – profess your love for her and make everything official. What do you do: (A) Let fear grip you and just wait for her to make the next move because you’re too s*** scared of rejection; (B) make the first move and just ask her out of the blue risking rejection; or (C) be passive and wait for things to unfold on its own?


Getting her to say yes to you is a matter of sincerity.

You may think that asking a girl out is ever too scary; and then you realize that the only thing worse than asking a girl out is to ask to change your status from ‘dating’ to officially ‘in a relationship’. Both put you in equally unsafe and risky zones of getting rejected; but asking a date out has a smaller impact on the ego and the heart, for the simple reason that you have not yet built some relationship foundation. The other one, however, is putting at risk not only your face but as well as whatever you’ve already built between each other emotionally.

And rejecting something that’s already founded on something deep, the pain that comes with it is just as deep. Maybe even deeper. But of course there are ways to change this.
Gentlemen, presenting some fool-proof ways to make a girl say ‘yes’ to your relationship proposal:

  • Always time it perfectly. When it comes to proposals, timing is always everything. You can whip up a proposal that even the best of movie producers would envy but if you do it at an ill-time, your efforts would only end up in vain. Even the best things fall bad when the timing is wrong. And even if you are the unromantic type doesn’t mean she’ll say no. SO always make sure the timing is perfect. Of course that is not saying that you can only settle with ‘waiting’ for the right timing. You can always make the perfect timing. That leads you to the next tip.
  • Set the perfect mood. You can always set the timing by setting up the mood. When the mood is right, the timing will be much easier. For example, on the day of your proposal, you make her happy in every aspect and drop hints about what’s going to happen without exactly divulging anything. A random shower of roses all throughout the day would keep a happy smile on her face and will make her anticipate something great to come at the end of the day. Maybe setting up a playlist of her favorite sweet songs all day from her radio stations would kick in her romantic hormones too?
  • Say the perfect words perfectly. There is not a generic way to propose to a girl – words-wise. The words that you utter on these moments must be genuine, from the heart, and truly sincere and only you can tell what these ‘perfect’ words are. But of course there are perfectly romantic ways to say it anyway. Say it with a song, with a poem, with chocolates, or simply even with the things that make her happy the most.

No one can tell you how to do your thing, really. How to pickup and seduce women may be easy to learn. But let sincerity be the most predominant factor in your proposal. No girl can ever say no to a truly sincere guy after all!

How to Boost Your Online Dating Profile

So you thought online dating was easy? So you thought it was going to get you an instant girlfriend after signing up? Darling, those pop-ups and online dating endorsement ads were created to make you believe that online dating will make your dating life easier by two hundred times than it is in actual dating.

online profile

An online profile creates connections.

If online dating were so much easier, you would not be reading this article right now. It’s quite easy to determine what not to give on a first date. But in an online profile???

See, online dating sites only makes meeting people easier, but you still have some work to do as far as making the right ‘connections’ online. You cannot simply entrust the rest of your dating life to these web applications. You have to make that human connection – albeit virtually. What girls want from you may not always be asked directly. So you have to make your profile answer their questions.

One of the first steps to making these connections is actually making yourself attractive to the ladies. Just the same way as you groom yourself when going to a bar for hookups or going out for a date, you also have to present yourself to look like attractive in your online dating world.

And the way to do it is to boost your online profile – the exact same thing that a lot of people in online dating sites are actually neglecting. Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips on how to boost your online dating profile:

  • The Profile Photo. This is your face on your online profile, literally. This is the face that your online ‘date’ will imagine while you are exchanging pleasantries and flirtations. This is the face of the guy they imagine to be going out on a date anytime soon.  Your profile photo should give a clear shot of your best facial angle. Ideally, your photo should not be “all face”, lest it will look like an ID shot. It should have your face – bearing your best smile, of course – with a shot of your shoulders. Reserve your full body pics to your secondary photos in your profile. Wear something nice – something that will reflect your personality and ideally, without being sexually provocative (no topless shots please!). Girls will find you more respectful if you’re clad in decent clothing, you know.
  • The Other Photos. Most every dating site requires you to put a few other photos of yourself. Make sure your other photos include those of you doing your hobbies. It will definitely be a good way to attract the ladies who share the same hobbies as you. It will also make you look like a guy who knows how to enjoy live. Avoid posting photos that are degrading (aka your friends making fun of you), or of you degrading someone else. And also, post only photos of yourself. Get all the attention!
  • The “About Me” and ‘Interests’ box. This must be the best place in your entire online dating profile that gives your prospective dates a chance to show off aspects about yourself – especially the ones that you cannot show on your photos. Be honest but witty in your interests and use proper grammar. Nothing is ever more discouraging than an adult who can’t use proper grammar.
  • The ‘Who I Want to Meet’ Box. Many of today’s online dating sites are programmed to suggest you to the ladies that match your description on the ‘who I want to meet’ box, aside from the facts you’ve written on your interests box. So go ahead and be descriptive and be witty too while at it. Ladies will also try to see how well and nicely you would describe your ideal girl and that’s another good way to impress them ladies.

Your online profile should contain the most and the best information you can give virtually. It’s the only way to get noticed so go ahead and put your best foot forward! *Wink*

Surviving a Divorce

Divorce is never easy. It haunts you with lots of questions. It makes you doubt love, women and even yourself. But how you survive is actually dependent on how you react to the aftermath of a divorce.

The first thing to do is accept the fact that you are now divorced. There’s no turning back time. Of course this should feel bad the first few months. But think about this: You are not the only guy who went through this. And life has to move on from here.

lonely man

You’re not the only guy who went thru a divorce. The world didn’t end when your marriage did.

So, what do you do when depression sinks in? Here are some of the facts that should help you go through it:

  • It’s not the end of the world. Really, you didn’t think it is, right? Besides lying alone in bed at night and having someone to have breakfast with in the morning, much of the world really did not change. Your job is still there waiting for you, your dog is still looking up to you to look after him, your friends are still there. Think of it this way: You are just going back some few years back into your life. Maybe to correct some mistakes? The truth is, there is a world out there for you. A world that is so accepting and generous to make you enjoy life again.
  • You are not the only divorced guy in this world. It can happen to anyone. It doesn’t make you an odd man. How you react to this is what sets you apart. Do you go on a drinking spree at the bar and puke all over? Disgusting, right? Or do you hang out with your friends more often to catch up with things you’ve missed? What you become after a divorce is your sole responsibility.
  • You can do whatever you want. Yes, that’s true. But be sure to be responsible enough. You don’t want to commit the same mistakes again. Or worse, get yourself into trouble. Plan those trips you’ve been dreaming of. Nobody has to disapprove them. Invite your friends to your home for a drinking party. At least your dog won’t argue with you.
  • You can date. Who says you can’t? It is totally fine to date. It’s not as if you’re marrying the next woman you’re going on a date with. You are human, and you are allowed to do humane things. Just be careful this time not to jump into anything serious unless you think you are so ready for a commitment. Don’t know where to start? Read this advice on how to get a girl to like you.
  • Don’t regret anything. Your marriage was good until it lasted. You chose to end it because it is better than being miserable and that a breakup is inevitable. Don’t regret anything you did in the past for your marriage.
  • Learn from it. If it was anything, being married and getting divorced are learning experiences for you. They happened to make you a better person so try to become better. You did not spend your precious time on your marriage for nothing.Although your friends and family might be hoping you to tell them what happened, you are not expected to. So don’t dwell on it too much.

5 Things You Should Never Give a Girl on a First Date

Some things make for perfect first date gifts; others were made for exactly that. Likewise, there are things that are rather left for second or third one if you’re lucky; and there are those that were never meant as gifts for dates. At all.

So before you pick up whatever you’re picking up for your first date, listen up and listen good. Don’t make the same mistakes that cost a lot of other men their prospective lovers. Ok, so you’re unromantic. Let us help you. Here are the things that you should never give a girl on a first date:

  • Tupperware. Just because your mom loves the little plastic boxes does not mean you should get your date one. Nothing says more to a girl that you are a cheapskate and a lousy gifter than giving her a plastic (yet quite handy) re-sealable box. These boxes aren’t for your dates, these are for your moms and aunties who could not be happier than to get things with which they can organize or clean their household.

Fishing rod? On the first date? Seriously??? You don’t even know what she likes doing in the first place. Don’t assume. Or worse, impose.

  • A fishing rod. Unless she absolutely loves fishing and you just happened to know that, do not get her a fishing rod. This is just an example of a gift that girls would hate; it is not about the rod, it is about gifting her something that you know she is not into, even though you are. You are buying a gift for her, not yourself. So put aside your personal taste and flavor and gift her something she would love to have instead of buying something you would like to use or have.
  • Tickets to a faraway land or resort. This is just overdoing it, and it will most definitely freak her out. What sane person would gift a first date with something that big and expensive, so excusive that only couples who are together for years would love? Traveling far, no matter with what form of transportation, with someone you just met is just too much. On a scale from taking it slow to taking a high speed magnet train, a gift like this is warp speed.

Nobody gifts a woman with lingerie on the first date unless he wants to give a bad impression.

  • Lingerie. If you are just looking for some booty call, you shouldn’t be dating. There are other places to look for that and almost every person in the dating circuit is just looking for a (long lasting) relationship. Gifting her sexy clothes is way too inappropriate on a first date, and not to mention totally out of line. Try waiting a few months or years before trying such a bold move and she might be more willing to try it on for you.
  • Cleaning supplies, or basically anything that you wouldn’t give her even after dozens of years. No excuse permits gifts that are so inspire-less and emotionless. If you find it hard to buy a girl a gift, just Google it or go with the cliché’s – flowers, chocolates or anything else you saw and learned from romantic movies.

If you don’t know what to give her, check this funny article. It’s funny but insightful.

Gifting a girl isn’t hard, just a sweet little token is often good enough. If you still have a hard time buying your dates appropriate gifts, even after internet research, just stick to the good old and timeless gifts; they hardly ever fail to succeed. Now, if you still don’t get it, read this guide on flirting on

When It’s Time to Break Up

Not all relationships are forever. This is one fact that everyone who gets into a relationship knows – it’s the risk that all of us believers in love take when we get into a relationship.It’s sad that people fall out of love. But so true.

And it’s something that somehow we all learn to accept when the relationship does come to an end.


Fights becoming constant are red flags in a relationship.

But how do you know when it’s time to cut your ties? How do you know when a relationship is not working and it’s time for you to break up?

Here are some telltale signs that every man (and woman) should know:

  • Constant, petty, and dirty fights. These are surefire way to tell that you cannot stand each other’s presence any longer. The mere presence of the other clamps the room and you fight over an insect. When the fights have become too frequent, too senseless, and too violent (verbally or physically both), then it’s time to reserve yourselves some dignity and mutual respect – what little is left of it – and break up.
  • There is indifference. So you’re here. Oh you’re leaving. See you. Bye. If your communication level has reduced to simply nothing more hi’s and goodbye’s and single-word responses, then it’s time to bailout. Falling out happens in relationships and if you both could not find the reason or the energy to fix it, then it’s time to say goodbye.
  • Not seeing a future together. When you cannot see yourself staying with her for the long term, and you somehow see each other as temporary comfort and convenience, and you find yourself surviving sans the purpose that she serves you, then you are both wasting each other’s time and efforts. The thing that holds a relationship together is always that mutual feeling of looking forward to your future together.
  • Constant Cheating. If you find yourself cheating to her again and again, or if she does cheat on you on more than one occasion, then maybe there’s something wrong within the relationship that makes you look for it elsewhere. Cheating once, though I still find it abhorrent, is somehow forgivable. I believe in second chances, and we all deserve that – but to do it again and again and again is more than anything else a form of disrespect for the relationship and the “commitment” you promised with each other.
  • Mistrust. Some people are just naturally distrustful. But if the mutual trust you’ve both enjoyed is suddenly gone, then maybe you need to start looking for an exit. If you start keepings secrets from her, or you are starting to doubt the things that she says to you, then you’ve clearly lost trust. Trust is the thing that makes a commitment what it is – loyalty comes from trust, and trust is a result of love. If that is lost, a relationship is lost. It will be full of insecurity and anger and jealousy. Without trust, a relationship simply does not work.

IF you find your relationship in two or more of these situations, then maybe it’s time to have THE TALK. If after the talk you decide it’s better to part ways, here’s how to text a girl and give her a hint.

Dating: Tomboys vs Girly Girls

There are tons of types of girls around but for this issue, let’s focus on two of the most contradicting types: the tomboys and the girly-girls. Each type is beauty and awesomeness in her own right. But for dating and comparison’s sake, let’s take a good look at these two types of ladies. Just a better way of showing options when dating for you guys.

But remember, whatever type of woman you’d like to date, there are killer ways on how to ask a girl out that you should be a master of.



Girly girls are cute, sweet and soft-spoken.

Cute, sweet, nice, soft spoken, and a Madam in the making. Their looks matter to them just as much as their personality. They always watch their words and walk in poise and proper demeanor. Their outfits are mostly composed of anything that screams GIRL, including sugar pinks and pastels, floral prints, and happy little polka dots with frills and lacey lace. They are very comfortable running around in 5-inch heels and can never be caught dead with a smudge on their makeup.

They also love men who are romantic. If you think you’re someone who’s unromantic, better read my previous post here.

They love hanging around with their girlfriends and spend some free time baking, knitting, or maybe even shopping.

Pros of Dating Girly Girls

Dating girly-girls reduce the risk of feeling emasculated just because your girlfriend can play basketball better than you. Girly-girls like gentlemen and are into the sweeter things. They are traditional and love remembering dates and mementos and they may secretly keep the napkin from the restaurant on the first date. They are picky but they won’t let you know about it. They are mostly prim and proper and will do you good on your etiquette lessons.

They are the ones who are not afraid to let you know that they are getting dressed for you. They can be very, very sweet and thoughtful too.

Cons of dating girly girls

They can get extremely jealous of boys night outs and would probably cut on your action movies and video games and may force you to wait around for long hours while they are shopping, showering, or getting ready to go out.



Tomboys are not necessarily lesbians, but not your typical hip-swaying ladies either.

They wear power suits, track suits and maybe even yoga pants over frills and fringe and florals. They go for Super Bowl dates over slumber parties and would hardly back down on a mega-burger-and-milkshake-with-buffalo-wings-eating contest and will play guys man to man on the hard court. And chances are, they are better than you at fixing cars and using power tools.

They are not ‘lesbians’, they are straight women – just not the typical hip-swaying types of gals. They are tough – that’s the best way to put it.

Pros of dating tomboys

Tomboys can be a lot of fun – especially since they mostly like what men like: sports, action, adrenaline rush, video games. They might not even flinch at the thought of you smelling like sweat and sweat after a day of playing or working under the sun. And the best part is, you can take these types of girls to boys night outs without hearing a single complaint; in fact, she might actually enjoy it!

Cons of dating tomboys

These ladies are pretty much extreme on the competitive side. So if you’re not into feeling emasculated and getting your egos busted, these are not the types of girls for you. You may also have to lay low on your ‘gentlemanliness’ because their independence would hardly allow that. Here is a good article on how to undertand tomboys more.

So, that said, who would you be dating? *Wink*

Dating Tips for Secret Lovers

There’s something mysteriously fascinating about secret lovers and clandestine meetings. There’s an adrenaline rush to the idea of having to meet someone in a secret place, calling each other in secret names, and close calls of running into friends and acquaintances.

There is a certain sense of romance and excitement to having a secret lover.


Always find a place where no one would expect you to be, and where you are not likely to run into someone you know.

So whether you’re dating someone your family hates a la Romeo and Juliet, or you are dating someone from the office, or maybe even having an affair with a Hollywood celebrity and you have to get away from the paparazzi, you will ultimately need help in getting quality time together away from the public eye. If you are the unromantic kind of guy, here’s how to be one.

In honor of the true loves that have been formed from these discreet meetings, here are some dating tips and ideas for secret lovers:

  • Always find a place where no one would expect you to be, and where you are not likely to run into someone you know, or someone she knows. An alley café, a tavern for old people, or a not so famous library bar would make good places to meet with your secret lover. Avoid crowded places, and places that are so close to the major thoroughfares of your city. If and whenever you can, drive out to the next town.
  • Don’t announce to people where you’re going. Don’t be too defensive about it. When someone asks where you’re going, the less you say the better. “Less talks, less mistakes” applies here too perfectly. Don’t linger in conversations with people that would give away your meeting place.
  • Be creative. When meeting in public is almost practically impossible or too risky, maybe you can meet in each other’s place. Dress up your house so she won’t miss the fanciness of restaurants and she won’t feel like she’s missing out on the rest of the world whenever she’s with you.
  • Make time as much as possible. Being secret lovers is not easy. It took death for Romeo and Juliet for them to finally be together in peace. If you are in such a situation, every moment together is very precious. So make the most out of it, and try to make time as much as possible. Take every long weekend break off with her. Find time – use no excuses like your situation being difficult or being too risky. Dare for her. Go the lengths for her!
  • Have an exit plan. It’s a small world and no matter how discreetly you meet, there will always be chance encounters with people you would not want to know about your secret lover. Always have an escape route to prepare for these kinds of situations. As a secret couple, plan and agree together on how you will act and react if seen in public. An escape route done together would look effortless, natural, and ultimately, more effective.

Ahh the dangers of a secret affair – of hearts beating and blood pounding on veins. Ahh, but of course, a secret love! May these dating tips help you succeed in your discreet love affair. If you are not keen on this kind of setup after a few dates, bear in mind that it is never too late to get out of it. Meeting women is easy if you follow this advice.

The Unromantic Guy: Lessons on Romanticism

Not everyone is romantic. Some guys are just born with it, and others – unfortunately for some of us women – are born with a deficiency or total lack of the romantic gene. Sure girls are more inclined to being generally sweeter and mushier and more romantic than our male counterparts and we do understand that – it’s a Nature kind of thing. What I’m talking about in here are those men who could really not show the slightest bit of sweetness and raw soft emotion.

That is not to question these people’s ability to love but rather on how they show their love. Girls love romantic gestures. And perhaps the only thing sweeter than a romantic gesture is a surprisingly romantic gesture from a usually unromantic person. You know, a little kiss here and there, some cute little bouquet every now and then, and a surprise date every once in a while – they mean the world to us and they always assure us that we are with the right person even when everything else is wrong.

And if the lack of sweetness from you, gentlemen, is getting in the way of true love or is making your ladylove unhappy, then maybe it is time for you to change your ways a bit and indulge her in a little romance. Here are some lessons on how to become sweet and romantic:


Women definitely prefers romantic guys over the unromantic ones.

  • Start with surprise gifts. You can’t change into a Don Romantico overnight. Trust me, it won’t work. Start with little things like picking up a single long stemmed rose after work and putting it on her plate or leaving a simple ‘I love you’ note in her purse.
  • Go for sweet little gestures. Make her breakfast in bed on a random Sunday, take her out to dinner ,for no reason, hold her hand more often, kiss her when she’s least expecting it. See, gentlemen, we girls are not as complicated as you think. We are very simple and the small things are often what matters more.
  • Plan something big. It does not matter how long it takes you to plan a grand dinner by candlelight under the stars date. What matters is you have every intention of executing it. Her reaction will definitely take you more by surprise.The guide will help you through this process.
  • Whisper sweet words often. Like I said, it does not happen overnight so it is best to take everything one small baby step at a time. Start with making the habit of saying ‘I love you’ in the morning, right when you wake up. Or, if you’re not into the ‘L’ word yet, go for compliments. Learn how to compliment her and when to do so – it will change the way she sees you.
  • Do things with her. Do the groceries, the laundry, the dishes with her. Do the most mundane of things with her and take it as a chance to be intimate with her. Touch her, look her in the eyes, and smile at her more often while at it. Here are some more specific sweet things guys do. This will instantly increase your confidence and comfort level at baring your emotions to her.